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Pushing Forward Back

With a glaring lack of new,quality rock music available to be heard today,it isn't a crime to travel back a decade or four to find something great to lend your hearing to. Krude has no problem finding under appreciated musical gems from a long lost time ago. It is my civic Krude duty to do so. Grab a stiff drink and read on. It's free reading :)

If you don't know who Tommy Bolin is, I don't blame you. Time hasn't been kind to the greatness of Lord Bolin. Dying at the age of 25 in 1976 didn't help his cause either. But Krude loves him some Bolin guitar playing. And the tunes find regular rotation in my CD and Bluetooth players. Tommy Bolin was a special talent who left behind more music in his brief life than most current dinosaur arena acts have in a 45 year career. I love his Whips and Roses release from a few years ago. Check him out.  

Frank C Starr should be a household name.His cool band The Four Horsemen took their name from the greatest pro wrestling faction ever. Frank was the most excellent singer for this band. They released their debut album Nobody Said It Was Easy on American Records in the early 90's. Then that grunge thing hit and Starr was pinched for drug dealing. Thus the band never gained any traction. But this doesn't diminish the musical output of T4H. To my knowledge,only two Four Horsemen albums exist. This is a real rock band with the best rock singer of that era. RIP Frank. You were awesome.

Most bands are lucky to have one great singer. Then there is King's X. A three piece band with three great singers. And this is what sets this stellar rock band apart from most others. King's X is one of the most original sounding bands that has ever formed. Blending multiple musical genre styles with three piece harmonies is something to behold.Just listen to their debut album Out Of The Silent Planet for justification.King's X is still the same three guys that started the band in the 1980s. Tons of great albums and tours. Krude never misses them when they roll into town. Neither should you.

It's hard for me to fathom that guitar based rock music may have hit its zenith in the 2000s. With streaming,downloads,and satellite radio being 'pay to play' propositions. It's no wonder people just listen to the tried and true. The dollar is tight these days. But Krude will always strive to find the newest and bestest rock bands worth a Krude approval. Count on it.

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