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Say Anything

The art of the 'sell' is the most useful skill a person can internally possess during these trying times.Getting friends and strangers alike to flip towards your grift is a gift. People are born to consume. But like picking up a chick at a bar,the way some people consume needs to coddled and spread thick.

A drunk man tells the truth

Drunks are the best source of information on the planet. Not necessarily drunk on hooch or dope. Being drunk on life choices is often the most potent and damaging intoxication method on Earth. Jesus freaks,gun nuts,12 step-ers, soccer moms etc... A motley crowd indeed. Throw in cash addicts and most of the world's pressing issues are explained with being drunk on life.

Spilling your guts at a bar to a new friend (random stranger willing to listen to your shit) isn't what Krude would call 'constructive' conversation. It is venting and lamenting.With cold refreshments.Nothing more.

Singer/songwriters are very needy of attention and write songs to get themselves the ego stroking kudos they desire. Possibly the biggest shit talkers on Earth are rappers. Followed closely by attractive women who double as singers. No coincidence that rap and chick singers sell the most music product.

Social media started out as a great idea. Now its a wasteland of misinformation and trash. People sit at home (like me) and type their 'opinions' to be sent into cyberspace for mass consumption. It often shocks me to see what topics trend the most day to day. Pure stupidity is usually the cyber norm. With 4k worth of retweets.

Ultimately,it is what you don't say that resonates most with people. Talking shit may be the norm in most circles today. And the spin of the globe. But Krude don't play like that. I observe. And spew blogs. Weekly. You're welcome.

Using a butt gauge for professional reasons only. Mahalo


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