A Very Bum Wine Christmas with AP

Christmas time is here and that means it's time for the annual Bumming with Bobcat "A Very Bum Wine Christmas" special podcast! Gather the family around the Christmas tree and unwrap this special bWb Christmas gift!

This year we are happy to welcome AP from the Smugcast and Juice (from Juice in the AM) to join in the holiday festivities! Since Juice doesn't know how to use a calendar app on his phone, it's just Bum Wine Bob and AP bringing you the best of the worst in holiday drinking stories!

Ever get so drunk that you pissed in a laundry basket or on top of a table? What drinks are guaranteed to make your holidays merry and bright?

Last year we got everyone prepared for the holiday season with some special holiday drinking tips, and this year we are taking things to the next level!

Grab a case of Natty Light, Schlitz High Gravity, Night Train Express, Thunderbird, or Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor and enjoy this holiday extravaganza!

All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

Listen to "A Very Bum Wine Christmas with AP" on Spreaker.

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