Krude New Years 2019 Predictions

Krude New Years 2019 Predictions

2018 was another turd of a year for Krude. Dealing with death,a new job,heartache,etc... the usual shit.I had my hands full.Liars were lying, believing their own bullshit.Pain was very painful.It wasn't an easy year. But Krude carries on. And uses his supernatural mental powers to predict the future that is 2019. Can you handle this freakish insight? Hope so. Let's go! For entertainment purposes only

All criminals convicted of major felonies in 2019 will be released under the guise of 'protecting our borders' on foot. Or die in jail

Taco and burrito will listed under 'continental cuisine' at restaurants in 2019

XFL football will create much needed publicity by staging body building contests between players. Anabolic steroids optional,but recommended

Fortified wine will now be fortified with cannabis oil and guarana. So you can be drunk,stoned,and wired with two sips

Condoms will be made to be reused up to 10 times. Wash 'em off and go again.And again.And again....

Dick Cheney will continue to 'stay the course'

A real sequel to Saturday Night Fever will be made called Sunday Night and Sixty. It will show Tony Manero still dancing to Tavares music.And banging chicks at the old folks home with Denny Terrio as his foil

Smart phones will only be able to be owned by smart people. All the morons of the world will have to use flip phones. Which means most of the world.Buy stock in Motorola now

Pickup truck owners will be legally required to actually use the bed of the truck. Strong boxes and quicky sex acts don't count

El Chapo will be found not guilty of all federal charges against him. He will then sue the American government for $1Trillion for all the hassle

Any rock band that uses the word 'farewell' to describe their tour MUST retire at the end of said tour. Or risk banishment to North Korea

There you have it. 2019 will shape up to being a stellar year. Remember to toast life, love, friends, enemies and pets on New Years Eve. Krude will be Krude. That's a guarantee.



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