The Krude Experience - End Of The Road

End Of The Road

All good things come to an end. Intense sex acts. Serious booze buzz. Painkiller potency. The usual suspects. Then there are the matters of the heart.Or close to the heart that fade into oblivion. It pains Krude to write this blog. But life isn't always orgasmic. It's usually barium enema-esque. Mahalo.

Ozzy Osbourne,KISS, Paul Simon, among other are all calling it quits in the near future. KISS is the most peculiar story of the year: Another Farewell tour i.e. big $ cash grab catch phrase. That's the nature of all things Gene $immons. Ozzy retiring from the road soon is another Farewell tour for him. His wife is the reason behind this $ maker. Good thing Megadeth is the support act for the NJ/NYC shows. Paul Simon is one of the all time great songwriters. Hopefully he keeps writing tunes long after his road days end.

Krude bought a case of Wild Tiger energy drinks recently. This drink is made in Jordan and was a favorite of our brave USA troops stationed in the Middle East. I brought this drink to work for 5 of us in the office to try. Excellent, low sugar energy drink. Blows Red Bull away by a mile. Nice energy buzz, not too speedy. Good shit. I scored one of the last two cases of Wild Tiger from Amazon. Hope this doesn't mean the end of this quality product.

Then there is the most crushing of all things currently finalizing. Lady Krude has been transferred to another city due to the nature of her work. Krude very bummed about this. She is such a sweet assed Blonde girl (with great knobs). All kidding aside, Lady Krude is a top notch woman that I respect with all my heart.I will miss her smile and laughter muchly. And the immediate friendship. We will meet again....

It's almost 2019. Another year down. More grins than frowns. That's life. Actually, that's a good life. Cheers!

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