The Krude Experience - Krude Xmas List 2018

Krude Xmas List 2018

Ho Ho Ho. It's that time of year again.When things like egg nog, Cella's chocolate covered cherries and tipping the gas jockey (we don't pump our gas in NJ) are logical options. Krude is back with his yearly Xmas list. No exceptions.

If Santa is really checking his list twice, then he shouldn't have any issue bringing Krude his gifts this year. Unless he means business about the naughty or nice shit. Sodomy is legal in New Mexico

Tommy Wiseau brand classic briefs

These look like wrestling trunks for the Magic Mike crew. Tommy's name on the waistband is a lot cooler than seeing Jockey or Hilfiger. Viva la marble bag!

Sega Genesis system

Krude loves him some 16 bit video game graphics. Need Joe Montana Football 94 and Beavis and Butt-head games to go with it. Nerding up can be cool. For a few hours.

Vintage Green Eyeshade

These visors should be mandatory for anybody working in a bright flourescent bulb lit area. Krude wants one to wear to a casino card game. Don't expect pussy wearing any kind of visor

Nude Playing Cards

Krude used to have this item. But through a few relocations, I lost the cards. Plenty of female pubic hair is preferable when getting a set of nudie cards. It makes playing poker much more interesting

Gazillion Bubble Show tickets

Having seen this show before. Krude is well aware to be totally lit to witness this kiddie spectacle. Tons of soapy bubbles and stage lights make this a bizarre winner

There you have it. I mean, Santa. If I don't get at least one of these gifts, I riot.

Have a swell holiday season. Don't drink anything Krude wouldn't touch. Cheers!

Deck the Ho's


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