The Krude Experience - Oakland Or Bust

Oakland Or Bust

Krude recently fulfilled a long time wish to see the Oakland Raiders play a home game in Oakland. An added plus was it was a game against the long time rival Pittsburgh Steelers. 6 hour cross country flight was more than worth it to witness this contest. Yes!

I've been a Raiders fan since 1977. I was 6 years old when I watched the Raiders win Super Bowl 11. Thus began 41 years (and counting) of complete Raiders fanboy fandom for Krude.

Over the years I have seen the Raiders play road games up and down the East Coast.But never on their home grass.So since the news dropped last year that the Raiders were moving to Las Vegas, Krude knew he HAD to go to Oakland before the move to LV in 2020.

The Oakland Coliseum is a very old structure that looks very odd for any kind of sports stadium. It sits about 30 high off the ground. Meaning the vast interior of the stadium is far below sea level. Strange indeed. But for all its quirks,it still seems like Shangra La for most Raiders fans. I scored a few brews and a bacon wrapped hot dog and took my seat at the top of section 330. Game time! Let's do it!!!

The game itself was great. The outcome went right down to the last play: a botched FG attempt by Steelers. Raiders win! It felt good heading back to my hotel after the game. A Raiders win always makes me happy. But a Raiders win over the Steelers makes me extra giddy.

The Raiders just made an announcement that they won't be playing in Oakland next year. Or really ever again after 12/24/18. Aside from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, no other vintage stadium from an original AFL team will exist. Things come. Things go. Pro football will always remain.

I'll probably go yearly to Vegas to see the Raiders from here on in. But for the Oakland locals I chatted with,they will never set foot in Vegas to see the Raiders. Too much history and pride with the local fans. I can't blame them for the hate.I'm from New Jersey. And this is Jets,Giants,and Eagles turf. I'm just glad to be a Raiders fan. Win or lose. Krude is Silver and Black until the end. Mahalo

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