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Hard As Rock

Krude is no stranger to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I go there every other month or if I feel extra lucky, every other week. I've been going to AC since 1988. I was 18 in 1988, but don't tell the croups. Ha.  

Krude Sr., my late old man got me into this gambling shit. He was a great sports gambler and awesome with numbers i.e. A CPA who could count cards. AC has always been a couple of hours away from where I bedded down in NJ. Like a moth to a descending flame, Krude has been a AC regular for roughly 30 years.

It is usually the same routine that I do in AC: book a comp room, pack a small bag, hit the road. Make a stop at Best Liquors on Pacific Ave. Then check into hotel. This time (at the end of 2018) Krude made his way into the hallowed halls of the former Trump Taj Mahal now called Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. So glad I did. This place KICKS ASS from all angles. Merry Fucking Christmas.

A Krude blog from last summer had me kicking the tires of the Hard Rock Hotel. Even then, I liked the place. Now that I've checked into a room, ordered room service, and slept like a baby, I must extol the hotel's utmost virtues.

The staff at the HRH are beyond excellent. Friendly, genuinely caring, and cool. It pays to tip everybody Vegas style while at HRH. The rooms have been updated to reflect 2018 (and beyond) needs of all those who come here. Huge TV. Perfect shower (no tub,better that way). Outlets and USB inputs everywhere. Dimmable lighting. And super cool lighting above bed frame. Adding real glass wine and rock glasses is an sweet extra for my King room in the South tower. Damn. This is beyond all things Krude approved.

Made my way to Landshark Bar and Grill on the AC boardwalk. Never been here before. Admittedly, I have never been a Jimmy Buffett fan. But Krude must try most everything life (and AC) has to offer. Shrimp tacos and a Landmark draft for lunch (actually breakfast) hit the spot. Krude approved.

With AC currently getting a new coat of paint (new hotels),the city looks like it is breathing again. Just let the comps be sweet and the pass line odds even sweeter. Yo!!!

Another solid sojourn for Krude to AC. Holiday time is never a fun time for me. Hasn't been truly fun since 1981. Now that I'm slightly above middle age, I realize it's best to do things that make me happy during times that most often don't. Hedonism is good. Cheers!

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