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Heroes n' Holidays

With MLK day firmly in the books for 2019, Krude wants to champion some unsung heroes in the same manner that Marty King gets every year. Difference is, I'm Krude, the world isn't. So when I choose a person to celebrate yearly for their lifelong contributions to society in a positive manner,this person HAS earned MY utmost respect. MLK was the tits. Ballsy tits, to be exact. So ballsy tits is the benchmark here. Let's Roll!

Thomas Crapper

Sometimes I wish when somebody has to have a bowel movement,they would say "I need to take a Krude". That would be choice. But not to be for me. It is reality to a now deceased man named Thomas Crapper. A 19th century plumber who invented new ways to flush turds out of the bathroom. A Crapper toilet product was top of the line then. His name prominently displayed on the units. How the word crap became so maligned over time, I'll never know. This man should have been Knighted for his dedication to better bathroom plumbing supplies.

Michael Lang

Woodstock will be 50 years young this summer. I doubt Michael Lang had love,peace and music on his mind when he put this historic festival together in 1969. More like the three P's: potpussy,and profit.Nothing more American than those P's. And not in that order. ML also got a lot of screen time in the Woodstock movie. Fully clothed. Luckily

Wayans family

How many people are in this super talented family and are there more on the way? Since the late 1980's,no group of blood relatives have been more entertaining than the Wayans family. Celebrating a day of Wayans would be a blast. And necessary. Parades,mixed drink specials,dance contests judged by Fly Girls, and Jim Carrey as the token funny White guy. Sounds like a winning holiday to me.


Your blog host with the most. A holiday celebrating my overall MO of being true to myself and respectful of all would be refreshing. For me,that is. All the free booze and great seats at sporting events would be mine for the taking. And the porn stars I take pictures with would come home with me (instead of charging $20 for a Polaroid). Krude Day. When everybody gets lit and laid. Yes!

MLK day is a remembrance of a time when social and racial unrest was being broadcast on TV to millions for the first time. Martin spoke words of truth then. And inspired many more millions of Americans over the course of 1960's history to the present day. Racism is bullshit. Everybody is human. Everybody deserves to be on equal footing. Mahalo



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