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Off My Chest

Starting a New Year off with being stuck in the same previous year rut isn't very Krude. It's just being a losing schnook. I am somebody with a keen eye for all things absurd yet essential. And all things blatantly normal. Krude wants to point out a few things that fall into both categories. What I see is what YOU get not counting orgy porn

It burns me to the innermost part of my guts to see a grown man tugging a small carry-on bag on casters behind him at the airport. This bag can easily be 'carried'. Krude uses travel luggage that is easy to carry and fits anywhere on a plane,train,or bus. Why men do this is beyond bizarre. For chicks and kids it's ok. Dudes doing this bullshit should be castrated. And forever prevented from spawning more spacehogging dumbfucks.

Red light car texting is all the rage in New Jersey. Stop for a red light,pick up your phone,and get a text off to your old lady (or old man). Fuck that. Cops can't pinch you for texting when your are stopped. It's when the asshole texting doesn't realize the light is green for at least 5 seconds that irritates Krude. I just lean on the horn and flip my ample size middle finger at them. More often than not,those a-hole drivers don't understand why I am mad. Millenials are usually the culprit.

Salt is the most important ingredient in any food dish. It brings out flavors like no other spice can. When used in moderation. Somebody needs to alert EVERY fast food joint in the world about this. Krude does enjoy a Big Mac every so often. But lately,the 'meat' of the BM has been punished with salt. Same goes for the Burger King Whopper. Same goes for anything on the Taco Bell menu. If salt is the cost effective way to keep fast food tasty for the masses, Krude will have to avoid these places for good. Lucky I live near a bunch of great local road food joints. Rutts Hut here I come.

Light beer was the 'devils juice' back in the 1970s (I was alive then). It was often lambasted by EVERYONE for being light on taste.Just a watered down version of a better product. Then in the late 70's,a bunch of cool TV commercials for Miller Lite Beer featuring noted drunkard sports personalities made it almost acceptable to drink a light beer. Well, Krude had a light beer recently (first time since the 1990s). It will also be my last. WTF?!?!! Less filling.Tastes like shit. Fuck that swill. At any price.

Krude makes no apologies for my bitching. Opinion is backbone. And lifeblood. Mahalo

Somewhat naturally stoned...


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