The Krude Experience - Thanking Hank (not that Hank)

Thanking Hank (not that Hank)

Krude does love him some country music. Not that bullshit pop country crap that has had the bar code lasers at Walmart working overtime for decades. I grew up listening to Waylon Jennings and other 'outlaw' country artists.My old man loved those outlaw tunes and kept plenty of 8 track tapes in his big white Caddy in the 70's. His music choices did rub off on young Krude. Here I am now writing about somebody who most people under the age 75 have no clue about. But I do know who Hank Thompson was. Now you will too. Thank me later. Now fuck off. Or get your fuck on. Your choice. America the beautiful...

Writing for a booze themed website lends itself to being just a bit blasted while typing the keys on my BlackBerry. Music plays in the background while I write and this time the album in question is A Six Pack To Go by the late, great Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys.

An album created in the 1960's doesn't always resonate with ANY kind of crowd in 2019. Krude here to change that ignorant trend. Hank Thompson created one the greatest booze championing musical albums of all time. Believe it. Toby Keith will never come close to creating a masterpiece like A Six Pack To Go.TK can enjoy his wealth,but will never be a Hank Thompson.Believe it. Mahalo

The tunes on this album are in more of a swing country mode,with a few polkas thrown in.Booze,broads,hangovers,broken hearts etc...All the bases real men need covered are here. Hank sounds confident and convincing with his singing. As with most albums created pre 1970's,the songs are fairly short but packed with much country swing richness. Great recording and a solid transfer to digital as well. Tip for hipsters: Finding this album on vinyl is the way to go.

For the movie buffs reading this blog,here is a quick Hank T tidbit for you. The movie Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges was based on Hank Thompson's career later on in his life. JB killed it in that flick, BTW.

Hank Thompson passed away a few years ago. He was playing gigs until he physically couldn't. That's a mark of a true musician. Just like Lemmy. A legend

Hey Mister Bartender
Please don't be so slow
I've got time for one more round
And a Six Pack to go....

Those are words to live, cry, and die by. Thank you Hank Thompson for the great music. Eternally Krude approved.

Magic Dick is the tits!


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