The Krude Experience - Cisco Super Sunday Celebration

Cisco Super Sunday Celebration

Another year goes by. And another fine bum wine falls by the wayside. Cisco, or as its known on the streets as Liquid Crack,is the latest casualty in the needless purging of classic fortified wines by somewhat embarrassed wineries. Krude did manage to buy a few rare bottles of Cisco before they became extinct. And only busting them out for special occasions. This time it's for the most globally celebrated holiday ever: Super Bowl Sunday

Super Sunday is a yearly professional American football event that makes even the most remotely casual football fan feel like Jimmy the Greek when they win a coin toss prop bet. Millions of pizzas will be under baked and delivered. Oceans of beer will be gulped.Toilets will flush en masse during $10Million a half-minute commercial breaks. And some less tenured cops will work the beat (for twice the pay) during this non holiday,holiday. hope you blow less than a .05

As always,Krude goes his own way in celebrating a violent sport. Spending Super Weekend in Atlantic City and scarfing down fresh seafood at Harry's in Ballys. Play some craps. And drink some Green Apple Cisco. Life is good.

Cisco has never been taken lightly by Krude. A 750 ml (roughly 23 ounces) bottle of Cisco can twist even the most hardened alcoholic into a hysterical mess of man. Pacing is everything with Cisco. And that is half the fun of drinking it. Don't get too naked or annoying too quick.And be sure to have something in your stomach before binging on Cisco.Damn, I will miss this syrupy 36 proof shit.

Checking into hotel the day before Super Bowl Sunday has its advantages. It also has its disadvantages. Hard Rock hotel is playing host to a Tim McGraw concert. Never seen so many F150's and ill fitting mom jeans in one place before. What part of Rock is Tim McGraw? Fuck it. Krude brings his portable JBL speaker and cranks up some Heartbreakers. And not of the Tom Petty variety.

Piss poor game between Rams and Patriots. Belicheat skunked out another win. Time will not be kind to this current Patriots run. NFL just waiting for Kraft,Bill,and Brady to retire. Then the truth will come out about the Patriots fraud. Fuck them

This tune kinda sums up this Krude adventure. Thanks Teddy Morgan

Green Cisco and Spam Forever

Listen to "Bumming with Bobcat" on Spreaker.

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