The Krude Experience - Last KISS


Krude loves him some KISS. Been listening to them since 1976. Everything about that band appealed to me then. Most everything about KISS in 2019 does not appeal to me at all. Actually makes me kinda sick thinking about them.

Their End Of The Road tour opened in Vancouver recently and I diligently waited for show footage to appear on YouTube that evening. The band was promising the biggest and best stage production they had ever toured with. Krude just had to see this. What I saw was essentially a large empty stage and a lighting rig that looked like a moving beehive. WTF?!?!! This was not the greatest stage KISS has ever performed on. Not even close. Major bummer.

So why am I so pressed about this 'last' KISS tour? Very easy to explain in one word: Greed. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons see this tour as a last ditch effort to milk every last drop out of the KISS brand. T shirts priced at over $75. Tickets averaging well over $150 a seat. NO other original members on the stage. A painter?!? as the opening act. Everything about this tour reeks of big $ flowing back to the wallets of Paul and Gene. This is nothing new. They have been unabashedly greedy shitbags for over 40 years. But this time, it is way too much greed for even Krude to stomach.

Lip synced vocals and backing tracks are the norm for KISS on this tour. Songs made famous by Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are being performed by their current impersonators now. Yuck. Fuck this bullshit show. No amount of cheap hype will get me to witness this tour in person.

If I remember very correctly, KISS completed their 'Farewell Tour' in 2001. And with that tour doing very good business. Most people thought by then that KISS was really done as a touring band. But greed is greed. By 2003 KISS was back on the road (with 3 original members, as required by contract) to open shows for Aerosmith. Seems like one member of KISS had just gone through a divorce and lost half of his $. And knowing that the brand 'KISS' is their only way to make back the millions of $ lost, KISS goes back on the road for the next 17+ years. After playing a 'Farewell' tour. Greed is greed. Sickening greed.

Aerosmith has been touring for as long as KISS. But the main difference is that all 5 original Aerosmith members have been playing together for 45 years. Only for about 5 years in early 80's did they use replacement members. Having original members of a band to play shows is huge due to the talent and vibe they bring to the table with every song. KISS doesn't care who is wearing the makeup and who is on stage anymore. They just market the KISS brand to the max and hope enough people buy into their latest bullshit. Krude won't. I have my collection of KISS music and video to enjoy for eternity. And many great memories. Mahalo

So to all the people over paying to see KISS on this 'last' tour, have a great time. Just remember the reasons why you are sitting in those seats in 2019. Paul and Gene certainly don't. Money is their only passion.
Thank you,

Peter Criss
Ace Frehley
Eric Carr
Bruce Kulick
Vinnie Vincent
Mark St John
Tommy Thayer
Eric Singer
Bill Aucoin
Sean Delaney
Neil Bogart
Bob Ezrin
Eddie Kramer
JR Smalling
Mick Campise
Peter Oreckinto
Rick Munroe
Paul Chavarria
Lydia Criss

And the countless other equally important people who contributed their talents to the KISS machine

Partying every night and day


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