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Legality and YOU

A person's life is often judged by the amount of questionable behavior said person has gotten away with without spending time in the local lockup.Getting to know all the laws applicable to your immediate geographic area that would affect your MO is a wise thing to absorb. Absolutely Google search worthy. Freedom is not free. Especially in 2019.

Sex laws by state are the strangest. WE ARE BORN TO FUCK. Yet there are plenty of laws across the USA trying to keep people's libidos in check.For instance,in Alabama having any sex act sans vaginal intercouse is illegal for people who ain't legally married. WTF!!! 69 a chick in Alabama and run the risk of imprisonment. Weird is weird.So just use a rubber,check ID and keep cab fare/bail bondsman # handy.Prudent advice from an old pro such as Krude.

Weapons of mass destruction was a hot catch phrase 15 years ago. It meant BAD people are the ones who hoard WMD's. And play threaten the infidel.Last I checked, a flame thrower can cause mass destruction. But in the USA,purchasing a flame thrower is perfectly fine for anybody. Lay your $. Take home a flame thrower today. Uses regular unleaded

18 years old to vote,fight in a war or drive a cab in New Jersey. 21 years old to smoke or drink alcohol. And 25 to rent a car. Doing adult things shouldn't be a case by case study in semantics. Deregulation practices shouldn't be reserved only for the sleazy $ making interests of the 'in the know' wealthy businessmen.

Getting 'real' isn't really part of the New World Order. More and more of our personal freedoms are being systematically taken away from us. Prisons for profit are being built at a greater pace than affordable housing. Control is the name of the current game. Those with the most $hekles often win the game. That is fact. 

Staying free is tough these days. I just respect all people and things. Living a life that doesn't follow current trends isn't easy. But it is never boring. Mahalo

It was the Other Guy, I swear


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