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The O.G.

Many have tried. Few have succeeded. This analogy can be applied to many facets of a man's life. Family,career,love,friendships,health... The stuff that makes life worth living. But the few who have succeeded on every life level are never the guys anybody wants to champion. Krude here to give props to a deceased man who conquered all that life has to offer. And did it with a manly flair we should all envy. I deem him to be THE Original Guido. He was the late,great Bob Guccione. Bet you thought I meant Original Gangster. Well,that too. Let's go!

Bob Guccione was the founder and prime photographer of Penthouse magazine. Penthouse is a men's skin mag that was the first mainstream publication to show a woman's pubic hair/pussy in a layout. Guccione played to the art aspects of pornography ahead of the bottom feeding smut aspect. The nudey pics always had 'feel' to them. The chicks were super seductive in pose. And the extra skin (pussy) made Penthouse a must buy for dudes. I say the Penthouse Forum stories are ALL true

Guccione was a distinct inspiration behind the Guido phenomenon that started in the post disco late 1970's. He wore tons of gold chains. He was always tan. His crisp collared shirts always unbuttoned to the navel. He lived in pure Ginzo opulence on a 24/7 basis. And hot chicks were always at his beckon.You can practically smell the Aramis cologne I'm sure he has on in the pics. Show me a guido in 2019 that wouldn't want to live like Guccione well into their later lives. I'm sure as Hell trying. And I'm not a guido

I recall hearing Guccione's nicotine saturated voice doing voice ads for Omni magazine in the early 80's. He owned that science based magazine as well. He had a commanding tone and genuinely got you interested in what he was selling. Pure salesman. With substance. Today's guidos take notice: Dumb isn't cool.

My father was a Playboy purist. I used to find his not so hidden stash under his bed when I was a kid. He never bought Penthouse. Probably because Penthouse wasn't into sports related articles like Playboy was. Makes sense. I guess. If you actually read the articles that skin mags print.

  I woke up recently from a rough night of non sleep. I took a shower using Agadir mens body wash. Then I applied Spice Bomb after shave balm to my face. Put on a tight,black collared dress shirt,opened 5 buttons down.And accentuated the look with a gold lions head bolo tie around my neck. Add shiny black pointy toe shoe boots and I was off! Thanks Bob for the inspiration. Sometimes it is far too easy to take the lame road in life

So in closing I just want to point out that there were so many nearly forgotten trailblazers in the world that make it possible for guys like me to be Krude. Bob Guccione is a God in my book. Rest in Eternal Peace Bob. I've never forgotten what you gave to the world....

Pets > Playmates


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