The Krude Experience - Same As The Old Boss

Same As The Old Boss

Gotta face facts. Nothing truly lasts forever. Unless your name is Keith Richards or military hardtack.That's how it ALL goes. The universe spins. And spins. And spins I'm drunk now

In the world of cheap,high alcohol content wine,the reality is that the old guard is slowly being phased out to welcome a new bottom shelf breed. Saying goodbye to Night Train Express and Cisco has been like losing a dear friend of many years. The good times. The bad times. And all the low rent bragging rights that come with drinking such swill. The drunken buzz those two fortified classics gave me (and many others) will never be duplicated. Nor will the nasty sugar fueled hangovers they created. Americana at its served cold,brown bagged best. Its been a great ride together.Godspeed...

Krude isn't one to sulk and brood for very long. So I had to test some new naughty waters and report back to these pages. Here are some of my findings:

Dark Horse wine in a can. Usually found in a glass bottle fairly cheap. This can was found chilled at Best Liquors in Atlantic City.Perfect for koozie,wine glass or quick chug. At 13.5%,it has the same sting as the average MD or Four Loko. But this stuff goes down super smooth. Not too sweet. No crazy bad aftertaste. Just good cheap, buzz worthy hooch.Of course,I'm mixing it with pork cracklins'. Let's party! Krude approved.

Next up is another can of strong,chilled wine. This one comes from House Wine. I found a limited edition can of 12% sparkling rose to try. Not bad. Tastes like a sparkling Barefoot wine.Or a vintage 1980's wine cooler.With way more kick.This low rent hooch is chick friendly. If your skirt drinks two of these,your evening will be VERY social. Not sure whether either of these can wines are available anywhere besides New Jersey. But if you see them.pick a few up. You will not be disappointed. Have a few koozies handy too.

Lastly, Krude found a cheap Long Island Iced Tea in a small plastic bottle. This drink is made by Montebello. The bottle is perfect to sneak into a football stadium or rock show. Just pour this over ice and have 42 proof worth of knockoff LI iced tea at your beckon. Tastes like a new fangled fortified wine. Has a Thunderbird warmth to it. Not bad. Not for the ladies either. Nice buzz.

In closing, Krude did his homework to find some inexpensive and tasty portable booze. The future is bright for the bottom shelves of your favorite liquor stores. Don't let any dust collect on these winners. Cheers!

Lost in the sauce again...


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