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Jeez. Krude been on quite a negative tangent lately. Whether it's been sleazy cash grab rock tours, corporate media manipulation,annoying douchebags or rants against the obvious crimes committed by political hacks. It's just that SO MUCH negativity is thrown in everybody's direction that it makes it difficult to write about something positive without it sounding too forced. So leave it to Krude to blog about a long forgotten rock band and their stellar debut (and only) album. I give to you my take on The Throbs. And the vibe flows most naturally from my skull to the BlackBerry Classic keys. Mahalo

For all of you too young to remember early 1991,I will bring you up to speed. Gulf War, Dan Quayle, OJ was still orange juice and grunge music wasn't a household sound. The Throbs were formed in 1988 in NYC and were quickly touted as the next big thing in rock music. Guns N' Roses were the kings of rock at that point. And The Throbs were signed to the same label as GNR:Geffen,in 1990.

Long story short is The Throbs recorded an album using the legendary Bob Ezrin as producer. The album called The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds was released in January 1991. I went to their record release party at the Palladium NYC. Big things were expected of this band after that major party on a cold winter night. And for the then 20 year old Krude and his hottie Lita Ford look alike date. Life was good. Still is.

The album The Throbs created is a true rock n' roll classic. It sounds timeless due to the restraint of not using modern production values akin to most recordings dated to 1991. The Throbs were not a trendy,at the moment band. More like a band of pure guttural rock lovers who wanted to make the music they always wanted to hear. The album kicks off in a weird,trippy manner with tune called Underground. Then rocks it way through 11 tracks of differing feels. Rockers. Ballads. Guitar pop. Bar room stomps.Sleazy grind outs. Little Richard guesting on piano on my favorite Throbs track Ecstasy. It's all there for your enjoyment.

Surprisingly, both the album and band quickly fizzled inside of a year. For the same reasons most bands splinter: dope,ego,label politics. The Throbs turned into The Vibes with a different singer and drummer later on in 1991. I saw this version of the band at a small club in the East Village NYC. It's was ok. But the magic was gone bummer :(

Rock music is in a weird place right now. To discover new sounds from unknown bands that sound good to your ears shouldn't be taken lightly. Let those bands know you support what they create. Art almost always comes with a price tag. And the people creating that art have spent countless hours in the process. So if you use the Internet to make your media purchases,drop a day of your two pack habit or 6 cup of java jones and pick up The Throbs album. Tell the online merchant Krude sent you. And then enjoy the fuck out of a great rock n' roll album. It's a true Sweet Addiction. Amen

The Throbs:
Ronnie Sweetheart
Danny Nordahl
Roger Ericson
Ronnie Magri

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