The Krude Experience - The Devils You Know

The Devils You Know

Nothing like a great rock gig coming to a venue virtually in my own backyard. To be exact, a 12 minute local ride from Krude central. And on a Tuesday night. WOOOOOO!!!!

L.A.Guns came to New Jersey to play at a place called Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck,NJ. I've seen many a show at this venue over the years. So I was familiar with all the usually annoying local logistics: parking,food,liquor store etc... LAG has just released their newest album called The Devil You Know. This current tour is in support of this most excellent release.

A band called The Darbies opened the show and kicked major ass. A bunch of young guys from the West Coast playing tight rock tunes with attitude to spare. Great band. Keep an eye on these musicians.

Krude scored a Trooper beer at this show. My first go round with the Iron Maiden brew. Good beer. Not your average can of suds. But perfect to drink at a rock show. Spend a little extra and try one if you see it. Cheers!

The Tuesday night crowd at Debonair was definitely there to rock. The venue was mostly full and the drinks were flowing. Some slutty groupie type chicks walking around was a nice thing to see as well. Always good to see a show that has a few broads in attendance. That will never change.

L.A.Guns came on to the strains of Ozzy's Diary of a Madman tune. And then whipped right into the 1988 classic No Mercy. Damn. LAG is fucking awesome. 30 years into a recording career and they are bringing the Rock hard. Singer Phil Lewis still sings great. Tracii Guns is still a top flight lead guitarist. Rounding out the band is Ace Von Johnson on guitar. Johnny Martin on bass. And Scot Coogan on drums. This is a Rock N' Roll band. No doubt about it. No bullshit. Just great tunes, solid musicianship and tons of energy. The show ended with the 1989 classic Rip and Tear. And rip and tear is what LAG did for this set.

LAG played tunes from their entire career. But it is the newer songs that are most impressive. Their last 2 albums have been the best rock albums released since the last. I blogged about the 2017 The Missing Peace album before. This year it's The Devil You Know album. Rock albums don't get much attention these days like they used to. Only shitty bands like Greta Van Fleet get mass media backing. For L.A.Guns to be releasing stellar albums at this stage of their career is amazing.

So by the time this blog appears on, Krude will be in NYC seeing L.A.Guns again at a club called Irdirium. And on a Tuesday night. Rock n' Fucking Roll!!!

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