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Every so often Krude sits back and catches his breath. Living a hedonistic lifestyle at age 48 has shown cause to my motor slowing down.And then a tune up is needed. Migraine headaches. Swollen joints. Stomach malaise. The usual bullshit. So off my feet it is for a few very boring days. And when my life slows down to normal, I see a few things that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

Like the way the 'normal' world spins


I saw a report about people having less sex these days because of movie streaming services. WTF!?! You mean people really make a date by staying home and watching whatever Netflix is serving up? That's fucking sad. I watched two movies on Prime one day and wanted to shoot myself for doing it. If I ever said to a chick that our 'date' night meant Netflix and pizza delivery, I would fully expect to NOT get laid. Streaming movies is a 'normal' thing now. What a joke. Wake up Millennials. Stop being cheap. And lazy.  


A couple of MLB baseball players recently signed massive multi hundred million dollar deals. $300-$400 million range. I nearly shit my pants when Mike Trout got $430 million from the Angels. Who ultimately pays these salaries? The fans. The fans who buy game tickets. And beer. And merch. Will the cost of a Miller draft be $25 at all MLB stadiums soon? Wouldn't doubt it. But I do not see a major uproar from the 'normal' people who frequent professional sports events. Soon it will cost $800 for a family of four to see a Wednesday night game in LA. With upper deck seats. One hot dog and Coke each. Dumb jocks aren't worth $30 million a year to play a game most of us grew up playing for fun and free.

Most importantly is the lack of cognizance with the 'normals' of what is really going on with the USA. The 'normals' just like getting spoon fed all their info. Most people just wake up,go to work,come home,watch TV then sleep. Repeat. Their lives are just linear vanilla. Don't ask questions. Don't offend anyone. Believe in something (aside from them self). I guess that's why I'm who I am writing this. I don't get distracted by time wasting bullshit. My thoughts are unfettered.

I observe
They forget

How does the average Walmart shopper justify shopping there when everything about Walmart is a frightening proposition? Quick answer: They just don't care. They are too distracted by cell phones and binge tv watching to really pay attention to the big picture (most products from China) and sleazy ownership (Walton family that doesn't pay taxes). Biggest retailer in the fucking world.

Entertainment. Social media. Sports.


My foot still hurts. Fuck it

Stay Vigilant


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