The Krude Experience - Hall of Lame

Hall of Lame

As human beings we like to celebrate our accomplishments. Usually on the grandest stage possible. Doesn't matter if it's a Mom Of The Year award given out by Good Housekeeping magazine. Or Best Lewd Propositions Movie given out at the AVN Awards. A nice 'officially sanctioned' slap on the back to show appreciation for said person (or persons) is usually the norm in this country. Even better when broadcast in 4k resolution.

Actors and athletes are the usually over celebrated bunch. Huge award shows are created to hand exclusive trophies or ugly sports coats to the winners of the award related to the evening.Votes (??!!?) are counted and a winner is chosen. Then the hoopla begins. Yaawnnn.

But Krude being Krude. I will never be accepting any award given purely on the basis of conjecture. Or some dickhead with voting power who can be easily $wayed. The worst of this award soaked bunch is the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.

Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame is something created by Rolling Stone magazine and a few big name rock band managers. It has been in existence since the late 1980's. A museum has been created for its winners (in Cleveland,WTF?). Out of all of the hall of fame entities in the USA, the Rock hall has the most non deserving winners contained inside of it. People voted to Rock hall must be voted in by people who deem themselves 'rock' experts. Ouch! It's no wonder musical hacks like Pearl Jam and Green Day are in this hall of fame on the first year of eligibility. Or noted sic Rock acts like Madonna and Janet Jackson are inducted.

Many have griped about this Rock hall bullshit over the years. But it still carries on. An arena is booked. Inductees invited. And plenty of media coverage for this travesty of an award show. YOU are to blame for watching. And caring about the opinions of a handful of voters. Krude doesn't give a shit what the Rock hall does. Never will. All I know is that rock music doesn't need a Hall of Fame. Rock music just needs to be played by those who truly have the 'bug' up their collective asses. And every time I see a great rock show, I'll know that I just saw the greatest rock band at that very moment in the world. Mahalo

So when greedy, clueless assholes like Jann Wenner or Jon Landau want to throw a $ making party off of the backs of musicians, steer clear of this train wreck. Go see a great local rock band and have a few too many drinks instead. Play some grabass with a willing chick. And wake up the next day hung over,but happy. And be willing to do it again the next night.And the night after that.And so on.That kids, is Rock N' Roll

Three chords and the truth...


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