The Krude Experience - Fifty-Six


56 is my bone of contention today. Aside from any numerology connotations, it looks fucking cool. Krude has had this number smack his psyche a few times as of late. Too bad I can't play it on a roulette table.Or double down on it combined. Shit.

Sanford and Son episode 56
This classic TV show from the 1970's really hit their stride by the time they filmed episode 56 of the series. All the greatness that show had was rolled up and spread across the 25 minutes of allotted tv air time in 1975.  

What makes this episode noteworthy is the exploitation of the infamous cheap wine Ripple. And how some chicks Lamont and Rollo want to fuck are totally into fortified wine (instead of French wine). Watching this on Prime again was a treat. Check it out. Season 2. Krude approved

Elvis Presley was at his youthful best in 1956. Just as the $ making machine (Col.Tom Parker) was starting to heat to the publicity grease. This is young naive Elvis pouring his soul into making the music he loved. And coloring his hair blue/black (Krude's choice of hair color) to become a movie star. His mom was still alive. Graceland had a different owner. And he wasn't yet strung out on pills. He was 21 years old. I guess we are all that innocent with life choices at that age. But nobody will ever sing like the King again. Mahalo

Hitting safely (getting at least one hit) in 56 straight MLB baseball games is quite the feat. Joe Dimaggio did this in 1941. And he also tagged Marilyn Monroe a few thousand times as well. An even sweeter feat. But what makes this MLB record extra special is that even with anabolic steroid abuse helping set new hitting records, this record still stands.A model of consistency. And it helped him score a major piece of ass. Yes!

56 really took off as a number when Lawrence Taylor wore it as a member of the New York Giants in the 1980's. Any NFL player that takes that number now will always be a linebacker heavily influenced by Taylor. LT was an unbelievable force on a football field. He was the Michael Jordan of the NFL back then.

If only I knew the 56th chick I ever nailed...

Life in the crass lane


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