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Fanboy Nutswingers

Why Krude would actually spend a few words dedicating my space here to the absolute dorks of the world is a true question to behold. But when a 'dork' pisses Krude off due to their elitist mannerisms and hypocrisy,off come the gloves and it's ON. Krude style...

Fanboy is a term used to describe a person who is completely dedicated to the cause of another person or persons. Usually an obsession in the form of a sports team,rock band or actor.Fanboy actions include seeing or hearing their target as much as possible. Collecting most that targets available merchandise. And going on social media and spewing as much one sided opinion about that target to anyone who will see the post. Dorks be dorks

Anybody who spends the vast majority of their life dedicating it to another gratuitous cause is a sad sack loser. Spending tons of $ on useless collectibles of their obsession is even sadder. I buy tons of music. But it is always a very varied mix of artists. Fanboys will buy the same shit by the same obsession multiple times to satisfy their loser needs.

And who is Krude talking about in particular? I would say,but in all likelihood that group of online weasels would file legal action. Here are a few hints:

They worship a rock band
They do a weekly show on youtube
They sound like they look- dorky

Being Kapn Krude as an online alias isn't a 24/7 thing for me. It's a fun character to exploit on the www. I created the Krude persona based on who I really am. And I just amped up the attitude.I would never allow anybody to step in and try to be Kapn Krude in my place. For any amount of money. Hint. Hint.

So for the fanboy nutswingers of the world,enjoy living out somebody else's life. I live my life unfettered. I tell the truth and often get shit for it. And don't care what anybody thinks of it. Nothing lives rent free in my brain.But so goes the ways of the world.

Get a life. And fucking live it.


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