The Krude Experience - I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead, Really Dead

I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead, Really Dead

By the time your blog host Krude was 27 years old, I had practically seen it all. And lived to yell about it. 27 was my age when my son was born and I was in the delivery room when he took his first breath and cried. That moment alone sealed my fate. If I was to leave this world by means none my own, my legacy would live on through him. Lucky me he is cool as fuck and smart. And handsome. A wicked combo for a man. A dreamy combo for a idealistic broad. Mahalo

I try not to live in the past. But being born with a superior memory makes this task nearly impossible. I do what I do without giving it much thought before I do it. This is because there is very little that life has to offer that I haven't already seen or experienced. I know what I like. And I know what hurts me.

blah blah blah...

What Krude really wants to do is beat up on the ongoing, never ending musical touring act known as the Grateful Dead.

Ever since I can remember being interested in going to live rock concerts,I remember the Grateful Dead. Seemed like they were this really big deal because every time they came to the NY/NJ area they would sell out no less than 3 arena shows in minutes. But I can only recall hearing 3 or 4 Dead songs on the radio in the late 1970s and onward.Who is going to see this band and why?


Listening to the Grateful Dead sober is torture for the most part. They have a few catchy tunes. But for the most part their music is drug fueled,jam based,meandering musical bullshit. Only tolerated by those prone to being perpetually stoned. The people I knew in the 1980s that went to Dead shows were going to the show to score a good buzz. And hear a few tunes. Party on Garth...

Here we are in 2019. GD leader Jerry Garcia has been dead since 1995. And something called Dead and Company is touring this summer. D and C is a few GD members and perpetually tame John Mayer on guitar. They play long jams built around some old Dead songs. And some covers. While selling a zillion tickets to their shows. Why do people still go to see this semblance of a former jam band? Some would say long term, secret society mind control. Some would say they were chasing that initial 'high'. I say that people just can't let go of the past for the sake of life drag boredom. Whatever the reason is, Krude cannot justify sitting in a football stadium with 60,000 other people while watching 70+ year old great grandpas noodle their way into my wallet. Fucking lame.

Chasing old memories to relive the good times ain't my idea of living life. Yet the mass populace of USA lives down to this standard every waking minute. By choice. Thank you sir May I have another...

novus ordo seclorum
or not


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