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Survey Says!

Since Krude is a regular patron to Atlantic City,NJ, it is only natural for me to get requests from various casinos to do online surveys.The casinos use an auxiliary survey service to get a sense of who gambles with them. For years I avoided doing these surveys. But now I'm totally in the mood and enjoying the perks that come with being multiple choice opinionated. The perks include free hotel rooms, restaurant vouchers, Amazon gift cards, a variety of household products etc... Not bad for spending 15 minutes a night answering questions from my droid tablet.

The surveys they give me deal with everything from booze, movies, cpu products,cars, Rx pills,streaming services etc... The booze surveys are the best. I get asked about certain brands of hooch and if that brand is worth a shit to me. Mostly not. The movie surveys are about future releases (not allowed to say which ones). So I get to see clips from those flicks. Like I give a flying fuck. Ha!

Weird thing about these online surveys is that there is no lying about any answer you give. Once you give a certain answer, the next time a similar question is asked you HAVE to give the same answer or they boot you from the survey. Or if they have enough people that are in my demographic answering questions, they boot me from the survey. Minor issues. But it's all good when the perks kick in.

I don't think I would ever do a survey that required me to actually try a product. It is a lot easier giving an opinion about certain whiskeys or mouthwash I have tried in the past. Not sure what the casinos really want to know about me when the survey is about fast food pizza. But Krude being Krude, I try my best to give accurate answers to their questions.

So if you get the chance to be a online survey whore,take it. You'll learn a bunch about yourself and collect some quality shit for your time. And don't get too pissed when they ask the same set of 10 questions to 6 different brands of bar soap. They have a job to do. And I need a free hotel room on a Saturday night in AC to bring my willing women to. Mahalo

Richard Dawson slipped some tongue to your mom. Survey Says: she liked it


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