The Krude Experience - 27th of June

27th of June

Fundamental beliefs. We are bred to believe. Well, some of us are

Here ye Here ye. A new holiday to celebrate America's independence from England will be marked on all calendars from now on as the 27th of June.

Why would I choose June 27 as the new 4th of July? Easy. People are already in a apeshit panic over being prepared for a 4th of July celebration. On 6/26.

Technically this Krude blog is being written on 6/26/19. After watching more than a few motorists drive as though they had a dozen Xanax for breakfast. One lady driving an out size SUV signaled to turn right onto a street and missed the turn and turned into the curb and sidewalk instead. About 20 feet early on the turn. Another woman sat at a left turn only green light for the duration of the light without moving. I leaned on the horn to no avail. Waited for light to change again. Lady still sat there not moving. Now 5 cars are honking at her. She makes the turn but makes all the other cars miss another light. Fuck these shithead NJ drivers. On 6/26.

Every retail store around here that sells food,ice,booze,prescriptions,cell phone accessories is completely jacked to the gills.Traffic is unbearable.Never seen so many shitty brands of hot dogs and mustard fly off the shelves so quick. On 6/26.

So for the sake of having a possible extended weekend of 4th of July, people in NJ have to prepare for a few days off by stocking up on junk food a week ahead of the holiday? Do people even think why they are celebrating the 4th of July? I doubt it. They just want to throw a lame BBQ and enjoy a mandated extended weekend. Established Socialism at its finest.

4th Of July is a day that celebrates independence from Tyranny. Remember this when it soon becomes a law that you MUST wear only red,white,and blue on July 4. And heavy on the White.

George Washington served his troops double rations of rum on July 4,1778. They deserved a triple ration of rum in my book.

Happy 4th of July!!!


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