The Krude Experience: Out Of Fashion

Out Of Fashion

Strange times indeed. One can always tell the mood of a society by the drugs that are most often abused. Krude has a handle on it. Others have a death grip on it.

The 1980's with all that Just Say No anti drug bullshit that was spearheaded by Nancy Reagan was a smoke screen farce.Nancy's old man and his cronies loved to saturate 'urban' areas with the worst dope. So old time baseball stars such as Don Newcombe would come to my high school and lecture about his addictions and recovery. Most 1980's TV shows had at least one episode dedicated to an anti drug message. And not for nothing, most of the people I knew then were drinking alcohol,smoking weed and/or taking acid. So much for the anti drug movement of the 1980s. It was a joke. But what wasn't a joke was the drugs of choice with most teenagers back then. Booze and pot. Kids being kids. And not the 'gateway' drugs that one would be led to believe.

Here in the nearly 2020's, I'm seeing more and more abuse of strong chemical pills as the drugs of choice amongst society in large.The kind of dope that will make people forget who they really are and what is surrounding them. With a euphoric high and chronic constipation attached. These kind of drugs stop working after a year and add a nasty lifelong addiction as a bonus. Pot never fucked people up that bad. People live and function with a booze addiction. Acid isn't really a factor anymore,as far as I know.

Why did people gravitate towards opioid highs at this stage of humanity? Is the Pain that bad? Guess so.

Every generation wants to have their own 'everything'. I had Brady Bunch to watch as a kid. Others had Saved By The Bell. Today's kids have what to watch? I don't know. Doesn't matter to me. I like what I like. And Kelly Kapowski was a hottie to my older eyes. Still is.

Next you you light a joint. Or take a pill. Remember why you do it. It is because of a lesson learned. Or a lesson not learned. That was never in fashion. Mahalo

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