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Satana Rising

Tits R' Russ. Russ Meyer to be exact. He was a movie director.The 50's,60's and 70's were his prime time. And he loved casting women with champion sized tether balls on their chest. His movies were sleazy R rated fun, always filled with massive female fun bags.Naturally, Krude found out about this legendary movie maker back in the 1980's. And I still watch Meyer classics to this day.

Faster Pussycat,Kill! Kill! Is one of Russ' cinematic masterpieces. Shot in black and white in the mid 1960s. Starring the great Tura Satana in the leading role.

This movie is about 3 go go dancers who hop into their cars and look for trouble in the desert. And find trouble. Violence. Car racing. Kidnapping. Murder. All the R rated bases are covered.

The real difference about this movie (and most of Meyer's films) is that females dominate over males. Tura kills a man with her bare hands. The fist fight scenes have the women winning. The salty language the women use was very uncommon for movies made in the mid 1960's. And they look sexy as all hell while raising hell.

Seeing some sports cars of the day being driven around is cool as well. The cinematography and editing is top notch,as is with most Meyer films. The acting for the most part is of B movie style. But it's Tura Satana who kicks major ass in the lead role. She was way before her time for a leading woman.

Check out some other Russ Meyer movies. Just don't expect the same cookie cutter Hollywood bullshit. Meyer was an original. Fun movies with an edge. Krude approved.

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