The Krude Experience - Work It Out

Work It Out

Krude isn't the kind of guy to go to a gym. I don't really need to. I keep in good shape by being sensible about eating. Booze intake included. Tough to admit to that.

Watching older, fatter people than me squeezing into yoga pants/shorts who go to a local park and walk around a large pond a few times is sad. Having spirited sex will work off the same amount of calories as a 20 minute walk. And more fun. Then why the stretch maxed spandex and ugly running shoes? Cock meets pussy: much more fun. Metabolism is better served carnally. If only They knew.

Dieting isn't something I keep in my playbook either. The only time I needed to lose weight was after a few surgeries and I couldn't exercise at all. I put on about 20 lbs. Had fun gaining the weight. Then had to lose it. Took around two months of eating 1/2 the amount of food I had been eating previously to lose the weight. Didn't restrict any foods either. Worked like a charm.

Every time I drive by a 24 Hour Fitness gym I see a bunch of Millennial aged horndogs trying to look their best as they make their way inside the place. A pick up joint is really what this gym is. With access to funky elliptical machines. I'm not knocking this. It's just that I miss going to bars and doing my pussy rounds by being in street clothes and having a drink in my hands. The only people going to fitness gyms back in my younger Krude days were gays and wannabe pro athletes.

I'm really not sure why people seem to lose themselves as they get older. It is as though most have given up on themselves due to a lifestyle choice. I've tried to be the same person I've always been. Just updating a few fashion and manscaping things here and there.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or whatever that old proverb is. Being and looking healthy is very important to me. I always expect the women in my life to be the same. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. But life is always interesting. That is a given.

Eating out > Eating in


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