MD 20/20 Cans Barking At Your Door

Well it took almost a year, but FINALLY the MD 20/20 cans have arrived and are in my possession!

No thanks to the actual distributors who couldn't find a way to have them shipped to me, so it look good friend of Jason making a stop in Atlanta, GA to be the one to get his hands on them and pick up a few extras and have them shipped to me in New Jersey. Thanks again Jason, you are DA MAN!

I know with hard seltzers being all the rage these days, most people have forgotten all about the announcement last summer that MD 20/20 was coming out with a new canned beverage that is considered a "hard wine fusion", or a mix of wine, fruit flavor, and carbonation. Things have been quiet since late 2018 after the initial release in the test markets, so we are still waiting word on if an official nationwide release is still on the table.

"We are taking an American Original and bringing it to the next level! This new MD 20/20 juice fuses hard wine quality with a bite of fruit flavor all with a punch of carbonation….This new taste promises to take any moment of yours and make it EPIC!" -

MD 20/20 Cans come in four different varieties at 9% ALC BY VOL.





It's time to crack them open and give them a try for a very special edition of Bumming with Bobcat! What's the verdict? Tune in and give it a listen to find out!

After the initial announcement as the reviews started coming out, I made sure to stay away from what people were saying so I could have a clear and unfiltered mind when giving my thoughts. The plan originally was to have a joint podcast taste test with the guys from the Behind The Bar Reviews, but it never happened since every time the MD 20/20 Cans were supposed to be shipped there was some sort of issue delaying the process.

**EDIT: As of 8/29 it has been confirmed that the MD 20/20 Cans have been discontinued.**

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If you don't have the MD 20/20 Cans in your area, crack open a bottle of your favorite variety of the classic MD 20/20 and enjoy this special edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Cheers!

Listen to "MD 20/20 Cans Barking At Your Door" on Spreaker.

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