NFAMADWF: The top 18 matches of SEASON ONE of Beyond Wrestlings "Uncharted Territory".

The top 18 matches of SEASON ONE of Beyond Wrestlings "Uncharted Territory".

NO SPOILERS for those who haven't seen the show/shows. You can start a free 20 day membership using code: #BEYOND

The rules are simple. ONE and only ONE match per episode. And that's the rules. Pretty
easy. But still, a very daunting challenge. With these lists, one must attempt to be nonbiased,
but how can one NOT vote Orange Cassidy every damn time? But, alas, I am a professional. And I will choose the cream of the crop, my friends. 

What are my rankings based upon? 1. Skill Value, 2. Entertainment Value, 3. Shock Value, 4. Longetivity Value, and 5. Recommendation Value. 

Now, onto the list!

Episode 1  (April  3rd, 2019): David Starr vs. Masato Tanaka - ****
Way to start a series off, right? Two legends in my book and this one was great.

Episode 2  (April 10th, 2019): Chris Dickinson/Joey Janela vs. David Starr/MJF *** 1/2
Anytime you can get these four guys into a ring at one time, it's gonna be a party - and this
party did not disappoint. When October rolls around, I'm going to be sad we don't get anymore Janela/Starr matches. 

Episode 3  (April 17th, 2019): Discovery Gauntlet: Alex Tavarez vs. Mick Moretti *** 3/4
The Discovery Gauntlet concept really took off, for me, with this match. Morretti continues to impress with this third match in the Gauntlet. Choosing this match was the toughest so far of the first three weeks, as this card was fire from top to bottom. Three weeks in, and Uncharted Territory has firm footing on the indy scene, right now.

Episode 4  (April 24th, 2019): Jay Freddie vs. Brandon Thurston ****

Episode 5  (May  1st, 2019): LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) ***1/4
Not the strongest card of the series, LAX is always a treat to watch regardless. Meshed very well with Best Friends in this opening match.

Episode 6  (May 8th, 2019): Championship: Jordynne Grace vs. Orange Cassidy (c) ****
The Hardcore Icon, Orange Cassidy finally making an appearance. This match was just fun. The development of Grace over the last 12 months has been staggering, add the heat magnet that Cassidy is and it's impossible to not have a great time watching this match. 

Episode 7  (May 15th, 2019): Brandon Thurston vs. John Silver ****
Another strong card - but Brandon Thurston proved that 4/24 wasn't a fluke as he and Silver battled it out in a back-n-forth battle. I didn't know much about Thurston going into this series, but he's got my attention now.

Episode 8  (May 22nd, 2019): Solo Darling vs. Skylar *** 3/4
Just edging out Chris Dickinson and Erick Stevens. This marks the first women's match that has made the list. Darling is improving on a weekly basis, and some could argue she's in the top 15 for women, in the United States right now. A great look. Skylar was returning from injury, but didn't look rusty at all.

Episode 9  (May 29th, 2019): Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell vs. DL Hurst *** 1/2
On a card that was filled with 3 1/4 star matches, this one just edged out the rest. Amazing that Santell is just making the list. That's how AMAZING THIS DAMN series has been. Santell has been an epiphany in the wrestling word, throughout this series. Its like, if you mashed up Varsity Club Mike Rotunda with Marty Mcfly's dad from Back 2 The Future'd get the ass kicking Thomas Santell.

Episode 10 (June 5th, 2019): Davienne & Skylar vs. Allie Kat & Solo Darling ****
Twitter is filled with fans clamoring for WWE to give the girls a chance, again. You are looking in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Skylar and Darlin hook up again, with some friends joining the party, and they picked up from two weeks ago, blowing the roof off of Electric Haze and entertaining my ass the whole way through. 

Episode 11 (June 12th, 2019): Joey Janela vs. Kris Statlander **** 1/2
Folks, if someone tells you that intergender wrestling has no place in professional wrestling, show them this match. And if they still say there isn't a place for it, tell them to piss off. I don't know if it's because Janela is saying goodbye that he's going that extra mile every show or if Statlander has hit a creative peak or maybe a combination of both ... this one had me on the edge of my seat never wanting it to end.

I'm going to go watch it again.

Episode 12 (June 19th, 2019): Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) *** 1/2
One thing for sure, Uncharted Territory created a bevy of new Indy Stars, in my eyes. And two of them, Bronson and Beefcake, fit that bill. They move quick, they hit hard, and they never let up.

Episode 13 (June 26th, 2019): Josh Briggs vs. Kris Statlander ****
Statlander is amazing. I don't care what sex she is. She makes me want to watch. She's captivating. I need a match between her and Tessa Blanchard. And I Need it now. One of my favorite things about Uncharted has been finding new faces, and Briggs has been a new face to me - one that has impressed me every time I've watched him. I can see this guy in a NJPW ring some day, learning the ropes there for a bit and then blowing this game up.

Episode 14 (July 3rd, 2019): Josh Briggs vs. Joey Janela *** 3/4
Listen .. I don't want Janela bitch slappin' me after a night of White Claw's for not giving him match of the night on his birthday. Plus, it was a really solid match on a night of solid matches, just edging out Solo Darling & Leyla Hirsch.

Episode 15 (July 10th, 2019): Discovery Gauntlet: Kobe Durst vs. Christian Casanova *** 1/2
Statlander almost made it 3 out of 4, but Durst and Casanova stole it from underneath her in another strong Gauntlet match.

Episode 16 (July 17th, 2019): Brandon Thurston vs. Wheeler YUTA ****
Mr. Wednesday Night, Brandon Thurston returns to the list with an amazing match against Wheeler YUTA. This was so tough, 
this week. Solo Darling and Statlander put on a helluva match as well, that I graded *** 3/4. Now I want a four way!

Episode 17 (July 24th, 2019): Discovery Gauntlet: Daniel Garcia vs. Kevin Blackwood ****
Wow. So, this card started weak .. scattered, unfocused, to me. But after this match, things got back down 
to Uncharted Territory Business. Probably the best Gauntlet match of the series. 

Episode 18 (July 31st, 2019): Jay Freddie vs. Brandon Thurston *** 3/4
They stole the show in week four - and while this match wasn't as good as the first, it was 
still pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Thurston has been a revelation, and Jay Freddie should be
applauded as well. 

- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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