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Hit The Road, Jack

Sometimes, a change of scenery is a needed component in this thing we call living life. Complacency isn't a feather Krude ever puts in his cap. I've changed residences,jobs,girlfriends etc... due to stale mental operations. Keeping the brain healthy is the most important part of staying in good physical shape. When you hit my age and have most of your physical and mental bearings intact, you are a lucky schnook. Knock on wood Krude. And that doesn't mean your dick

Strange news out of the NFL recently saw Colts star quarterback Andrew Luck retire from playing pro football. What made it strange to most people is that he is 29 years old and stands to make hundreds of millions more $ in the next decade playing ball. Money and fame seems more important than being happy and modest,it seems. Not to Luck. He mentioned his health (injuries piling up) and his mental well being as the reasons behind his decision to retire.

I remember when Luck came out of college and was drafted by Colts 7 years ago. He was regarded as a 'can't miss' pick with brains and physical gifts a plenty. Brains. Smarts. Intelligence. Words most don't use to describe pro football players. Luck used a cheap flip cell phone (with no internet) before AND after becoming an instant millionaire. He didn't need or want a droid phone to order a pizza from an app. He made PHONE CALLS for his greasy fixes. And this is one of the reasons why it is easy to see why Mr. Luck decided to leave a game he loved at an early age.

Money and fame didn't make him as happy as being healthy and humble. And still smart.

I've seen life from every angle in all of my days. Rich. Poor. Healthy. Sick. Whatever. Life always boils down to the bare essence of existence: love. Love for yourself. Love for your family and friends. Love for strangers even when they steal a good parking spot from you. We're all human. With the same basic needs. Mahalo

Holy Oliver Luck, Batman!


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