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Podcasts and You!

I'd be shady liar if I didn't admit to listening to various podcasts all the time. Since I don't watch television or listen to radio, podcasts are my go to source of verbal aural pleasure. And me being Krude, you know I don't just listen to ordinary bullshit. Here are my favorites at this time.

Your Favorite Band Sucks!

This podcast is a favorite cuz these dudes speak the truth about most of the musicians they skewer. If you are a fan of Green Day or The Smiths, please (don't) listen to their take on this music. Spot on. Even when they take on bands I like, I still listen. Mark Mosley and Tyler Mahan Coe are the pontificators. If you're easily butt hurt by biting criticism, listen anyway.

Super 70s Sports Podcast

A favorite follow on Twitter of mine has an equally awesome podcast. Usually sports stars from the past mixed with some pop culture icons. Ricky Cobb is the man behind this badassery. The Astros uniform logo he uses is the tits as well

A Private Affair

This podcast is like listening to actual people reading their Penthouse Forum letters. True sex escapades from the people who perform them.From men AND women. Kim Shields moderates this glory hole of a podcast. Maybe Krude calls in one day....

Jim Cornette Experience

Leave it to the greatest living heel manager in pro wrestling to have a great podcast.Jim Cornette has stories and opinions on wrestling that have to be heard. It is like listening to a long promo. Without the tennis racket and loud suit.

Bumming With Bobcat

My old buddy still bumming away with a podcast dedicated to nothing in particular. You never know who will show up and chat with BWB-like me. I've been on a few a times before. Best to have a drink or three while listening. Served very cold

Talk shows don't have to be the normal crap mass media outlets push to the sky. Real people are better at talking about real subjects. Podcasts are the best way to get information across the WWW. Just don't tell the FCC. Cheers!

Loose lips...


Listen to "Bumming with Bobcat" on Spreaker.

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