The Krude Experience - Woodstock at 20

Woodstock at 20

The original music festival of all music festivals Woodstock is celebrating its Golden anniversary this week on August 15. Much has been said in the news lately about the failed efforts by concert promoters to stage a major show near the original concert site this year. Lots of negative press and overall bad vibes surrounding the Woodstock name. Bummer

Leave it to Krude to put his own spin on the Woodstock story by spinning a yarn about going up the country to Bethel, NY (original site location) on the 20th anniversary of the show in 1989. With pictures. Far out,man.

My trip to the original Woodstock site started with a need of my mother to try out some new camera lens she had just bought (she is a pro photographer). And my desire to see the site a few months before the 20 year mark was to occur. So on a day off from school for me,work for her, we made the hour long drive to Bethel.

If you didn't know where you were when driving, chances are most people would drive right past the site without knowing of its significance. This was all farm lands surrounding most of the area. Then there was a road that leads to the side area of the festival that had a small parking lot in 1989. A few people were there that day with us. The weather was perfect....

The first thing most people looked at back then at Woodstock was the small monument they placed near the parking lot. The pic of me in 1989 (with Jim Morrison haircut) shows exactly what the monument looked like then. Complete with kevin and metallica graffiti on it.

The field itself looks MUCH larger in the Woodstock movie than in actuality. Though the space was perfect to stage a concert. It had a perfect slope downwards to a slight landing (where the stage was). To stand there from where the stage was and look up the hill was way cool. Still,it just isn't as large a space as you might think. Nothing else was there except beautiful scenery. Cool little trip.

Woodstock 1969 was a truly historic event for many different reasons. What it proved to the world back then was that a major outdoor gathering could take place, a half million MORE people show up than expected.And only a few bumps in the road occur over the three days of the festival. With great,live music being performed by now legendary artists.

So as 8/15/2019 approaches, toast a drink to the entire Woodstock experience. It was a time before EVERYTHING we know as commonplace today. It was the PEOPLE that made the Woodstock scene so special. What's to say it couldn't happen again? Give it some thought.....

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