Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory: The Cure for Wrestling Burnout

Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory: The Cure for Wrestling Burnout
By Tiffany Rose

For the first time in 20 years I can honestly say I’m excited about wrestling. It’s an awesome feeling to have something to look forward to again each week from different promotions. While it isn’t so great to see social media dividing itself over which show to watch on Wednesday nights, the constant debate is a clear sign that wrestling is something to talk about again. If you’re like me, though, you’re already tired of the back-and-forth arguing over who’s the best. I’m more excited about what’s going on Thursday nights this fall.

Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory finished its first season on earlier this summer after a memorable and diverse series of shows that aired live weekly. I was late but fortunate enough to get in on the excitement in the middle of the season, but after watching one episode I was hooked and wanted more. This was the weekly show that rekindled my passion for wrestling. I’ve had the most fun going to independent shows whenever one happens to run in my area (which is rare). There’s a unique and intimate atmosphere at indie shows that, when they’re run right and done right, leaves you with reaffirmation that you do indeed love the hell out of wrestling. Beyond Wrestling shows aren’t only done right, they’re done with such professional quality that you’re often left in awe at how a small but growing promotion can put on such packed shows.

Uncharted Territory Season 1 introduced me to plenty of indie talents who I now recognize as some of the best on the scene - Josh Briggs, Chris Dickinson, John Silver, Kris Statlander, Solo Darling, Wheeler Yuta, Leyla Hirsch, and Christian Casanova are just a few exceptional names that were season regulars. Beyond is remarkable for their willingness to bring in the best of the independent wrestling scene all around the world in addition to building the show on solid talent. As if that lofty level of showcasing wasn’t enough, there’s also a platform to broadcast new names on the scene. The Discovery Gauntlet is an Uncharted Territory feature that is geared towards recognition of the freshest independent talent from everywhere. The end of the first season had Daniel Garcia as the emergent star of the Discovery Gauntlet after a series of outstanding matches. It’ll be fun to see him come back to the White Eagle for what promises to be a first-rate match with Matt Makowski in the Season 2 premiere.

Bringing in fresh talent will be the most exciting element in the beginning of this new season of Uncharted Territory. The arrivals of more than a few well-known independent wrestlers are anticipated and I’m especially looking forward to seeing Danhausen debut on the Halloween episode. Surely Alex Zayne will be a part of Season 2 as well after what looked like a fantastic match versus Christian Casanova this past weekend at Beyond’s All Hands On Deck. I’d be very interested to see a sequel to that match on Uncharted Territory. I’d really like to see Blake Christian make his first appearance on the show this season too - maybe in the Discovery Gauntlet?

I have a strong feeling that we’re going to be treated to even more diverse match-ups in the upcoming season, which is great for a company that’s becoming known already for having a wide range of competitive styles. This is the show you want to watch when you realize it’s time to broaden your horizons as a wrestling fan and find out what else is available out there. I’m telling you, if you’re feeling burned out on the bigger shows, indie wrestling can help restore your faith in what’s great about being a fan. Watching Uncharted Territory on Thursdays (and then reading my weekly review of each show, naturally) is a brilliant approach to rediscovering what you really love about wrestling.

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