bWb's Wrestling Podcast Round Up - the best of the week.

bWb’s Podcast Round Up - The best wrestling podcasts for the week of 9/23/19 to 9/29/19
Compiled by Dennis DuBay

Twitter saw a lot of drama play out over the course of the weekend - but rather than sit and dwell on that, I thought we’d start a semi-weekly look at the best pods of the week; in my opinon of course. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section! These are in no particular order, by the way.

I’d be remiss not to plug our own little wrestling podcast here. The 909-9900 Hotline. A throwback to the old 900 days of rasslin. Updated whenever the business declares it, we’ll come at you with late breaking news, inside scoopz and insane rumors.

One other note before the list ... The Edge & Christian show came to an end this week, so congrats to them on a very entertaining run.

Arn - Podcast Godfather Conrad Thompson debuted his new talker, this one, Arn, starring the foundation of the Four Horseman, Arn Anderson. Anderson has been making the rounds doing the meet ups since his firing by WWE earlier in the summer. It was only a matter of time before Thompson coaxed the legendary tag team grappler into the podcast world.

In this episode, Arn talks about the beginning - how he got his name, where he worked before he was in wrestling, what his Grandma thought about his venture into the business, etc.

Episode One:
“Territory Days”

Smark to Death - One of the easier to listen to shows. No fancy gimmicks. No screaming psychotic claing there’s conspiracies running ramp… well, I should say unless Mr. Warren Hayes is on the program. (Keeding, Keeding). Hosted now, solo, by Anthony, sometimes guested by one of his friends in the game, the show is rarely controversial but heavy on information and commentary.

September 26th Edition:
“QueenAntPup to Death”

Mr. Warren Hayes - Speaking of the aforementioned Hayes, talk about a guy you could just listen to for days and days waxing philosophical the horrendous booking of Sasha Banks. Though I don’t want to get too far into Banksland … her stans, you know. I’v been a fan of Hayes for over a year, even having podcasted with him at one point. Just a gentleman of gentleman, he brings a comedic look at the sport that a lot of podcasts fail to do.

September 26th Edition:
“Sasha’s Booking Stinksl”

Going in Raw - celebrated it’s FIFTH year on the air. What an accomplishment. Pro wrestling content is a hard one to get over, just because of the massive amount of content being created daily, congrats to them!

Booking The Territory - is one of my all-time favorite pods …. Each week they go old school, and showcase years past while really giving a history lesson on the business, a must listen each week. ...

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