A Call To Arms - #IMWithIndyWrestling

Our passion for pro wrestling here at bWb wrestling covers the majors and the minors of the squared circle - but I'd be lying to you if I told you that I'm enjoying the major promotions television, of late.

I haven't watched Raw or SmackDown in two weeks - and while I feel bad about that, coverage wise for the site, my experience watching wrestling has been 1000% more enjoyable. Going forward, I want to focuse on the scene that I feel is the most enjoyable - the Independent scene.

I'll continue to cover big stories in WWE and their PPV's, but I can't see myself sitting through the five hours of national tv they create. It's just not fun.

We will continue to cover NWAPowerrr, AEWDark, Dynamite, and Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory each week. I'm going to also start covering MLW and ROH on a more regular basis, plus Tiffany or myself will always be reviewing the big indy shows on the weekend.

If you are a promoter, a wrestler on the scene, let's connect. Let's help each other grow. If you're an independent wrestling freelancer looking for exposure - hit me up, would love to have you bring your content onto the site.

Let's start using #IMWithIndyWrestling - Let's make sure that the future of this scene remains as bright and vibrant tomorrow as it is today.

- Dennis

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