AEW Dark - Episode Two - What Worked, What Didn't

AEW Dark Review

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Overview: I didn't love this episode. It seemed a lot slower than last week. Also, I watched it immediately after NWAPowerrr, which is currently my favorite wrestling show online or on TV, so that may be part of why this episode largely didn't do it for me. There were some good things, don't get me wrong.

What Worked: Tension Continues …

There’s no secret that there is some tension in the Elite camp. It continued right out of the game with Omega booking himself in a dark match with Joey Janella, to the Young Bucks annoyance.

What Didn’t Work: The Librarian.

Enough said. Enough with this gimmick. These dark matches are supposed to help define the tone of the show - I’d walk out on this garbage. Yikes.

What Worked: Jericho/Rhodes - Full Gear PPV promo - Interview with Aubrey Edwards.

This company may only be ten months old, they know how to do a fucking ppv hype video. I also love how they are pushing the refs, one of them being Aubrey Edwards. She is such an amazing woman. So much poise and love for the business.

What Didn’t Work: Schiavone's Mic in the Control Center.

Stop screaming bro. I’m 42 and a walking fucking hangover.

What Worked: Omega v. The Bad Guy

Okay .. this is kind of a dream match of mine. I know a lot of the wrestling pundits or purists found this match to be a step down for Omega … but the real test for a champion or champion like talent is raising the abilities of those he’s around. Janela gets a lot of unjust criticism, in regards to his ability in the ring. He’s a hard worker. He is passionate. And I’ll watch one of his matches over something on Raw every day of the week.

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