AEW Dynamite - 10/30/19 "Orange Cassidy is over as fuck!"

AEW Dynamite

Here’s the deal. Going into the show, I knew that this was going to be something a little different with the show going up against game seven of the World Series. What we got was a mish mash of great entertainment. Some highlights:


The opening promo by Jon Moxley in Tony Khan’s office was .. no pun, Dynamite. It was unique in the way that most leaders of big companies can’t wait to get on the tv screen. Khan honored his statements of not wanting to be on TV with this off camera audio argument.

Hikaru Shida knee strikes

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that I have a huge crush on Hikaru Shida - but lets be honest, those knee strikes were ON POINT. I’d never seen Shanna wrestle before (or at least, I don’t think I have) but she was impressive as well. The match started off slow (guessing they didn’t have a lot of time to work out the match before the show) but the second half was really entertaining with some big bump action.

Next “Shot of Brandi” is going to be weird.

She’s going through some shit, ya’ll. And that’s not good news for some of our lady friends. I think I saw a Britt Baker and Riho’s photos. So that ain’t good for them, as it seems Kong is coming back too.

LAX attacked the Rock N Roll Express.

Let’s talk about the AEW tag titles for a second. Whoever is designing these belts is a fucking master. The tag titles are beautiful. A little reminiscent of the Ten Pounds of Gold, except silver, but so very professional looking. Gettin’ heat 101 was taught tonight with LAX attacking a southern wrestling institution in the Rock N Roll Express.

Orange Cassidy is OVER AS FUCK.

That’s all I gotta say about it. If you watched the show, you saw how the crowd reacted. Even if it’s not “your thing”, it’s undeniable that he’s rented some land in the hearts of a lot of wrestling fans. I just wish they’d give him his theme song back.

Contract Signing.

Chris Jericho never ceases to amaze. One liners that shouldn’t matter resonate to the point that they end up on fucking teeshirts because his delivery is so goddamn on spot that you just stop and think. And when a wrestler can make a fan think, he wins. Just watch him as he see’s the moment as a canvas for either a snarky retort, a moment to inflect voice control, it’s all a master class in how to control the room. Amazing shit.

Omega and the NJPW hints

I won’t go in depth with this, but there were some very obvious NJPW hints within his ring entrance video package. But I’d rather you watch it, because I think visually it means more to see it than to read about it. But there was definitely something there.


SCU surprised the world, tonight, by defeating the Lucha Bro’s for the AEW World Tag Team titles. I had Lucha Bro’s winning them as far out as before the AEW Dynamite show was even a real thing. I’ll say it till i can’t talk anymore, but Scorpio Sky is the future of AEW. If he doesn’t win the world title within the next three years, they’ve made a HUGE mistake. He’s got IT.

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