AEW Dynamite - Episode 3 “Hope you like tag team matches”

AEW Dynamite - Episode 3 “Hope you like tag team matches”

What Worked, What Didn’t.

Hot start, i like it. Lucha’s come out and attack SCU! Lucha’s are showing they wanna be the first team to hold the tag straps. I like the switch up with Scorpio Sky taking Daniels spot - I think this will plant some dissent in the group. Long term, long burn booking is what this company is going to be all about, if you ask me.

What Worked: Cody Rhodes video Package

This is what they’ve been doing on YouTube (Road to Series) … and it plays out so goddamn good on tv … This package made Cody look like a million fucking dollars. The music, interviews, … just a hype machine promo.

What Didn’t Work: Riho …

I’m trying. I’m trying so hard to see the value in Riho. Is she a good wrestler? Yeah, i suppose - but she evokes no emotion from me. The intimidation factor is not there - even as champion, it’s missing.

What Worked: JungleBoy

Mark my words. Right it on a fucking calendar .. one year from now, Jungle Boy will be a legit superstar in the wrestling world. He’s just so smooth in the ring. I can’t believe he’s only been doing this for a few years - he just has “IT”.

What Worked: PAC/MOX v. Omega/Page

This is easily a match of the year candidate and possibly the best match on US tv so far this year. The action was non stop. I literally screamed “JESUS” a half dozen times. The ONLY thing I didn’t care for was the ending. But that is a story development, I guess.

What Worked: Darby fucking Allin.

I can barely walk some days, and this guy is leaping around with his fucking arms tied behind his back like an eagle without wings. At one point I was okay with him taking the AEW belt tonight. I was for it. I wanted it. Dude is mega fucking talented.

What Didn’t Work: This show ending.

This was a ridiculously fun fucking show to watch. From 30 seconds in, till fade to black. The show has improved each week, and I don’t know if I’m just watching with blinders wanting to love the show or if it’s truly a fucking great show - but I’m here, and i’m waiting and wanting more.

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