NWAPowerrr #3 - "What Worked, What Didn't"

NWAPowerrr #3 - “What worked, What didn’t”

A recap of the the previous shows - more of the Reporter v. Aldis angle - Kamille and her refusal to speak. This whole angle regarding the Champ shutting down the Galli ...


Thanks for joining bWb for another edition of NWAPowerrr What Worked and What Didn't.

What Worked - Eddie Kingston

Starting the show HOT. Kingston coming out and he's pissed. He wants this shit to be about respect. He want's the Dawsons Right.God.Damned.Now.

The challenge has been set.

What Worked - Jim Cornette.

I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you I'm a fan of Twitter Cornette - that version of Cornette is a piece of shit.

But the NWA Cornette is motivated, invested and perfect at his job.

What Worked - Marti Belle

Very physcial opening match between two women that I'm not familiar with. Marti Belle looks like a superstar waiting to happen. Credit to Crystal Rose, a really solid opening match.

What Worked - The Fans.

Crowd started chanting Dawson's Creek at The Dawsons and I that's the greatest chant I've heard this week. "Look at us" chants a little later was great too. Then the Captain Morgan chant ... ON FIRE!!!

Promo for Thunder Rosa ... and i'm ALL ABOUT THAT.

What Didn't Work - Robinhood.

I'm just not loving the Aron Stevens gimmick. I know it's supposed to be funny ... but it's not. Or maybe it's not supposed to be funny. Then .. they nailed it.

What Worked - Caleb Konley

I said it on episode one, Konley has a great look and the in ring ability - he's coming out of this show a bigger star than what he came in as.

What Worked - Storm/Drake confrontation

I wasn't huge on Storm in the past - but god damn if I ain't a huge fan of his now. I really want him to don a mask and become the masked superstar of this generation. Drake has been inspired over the first three episodes of this series.

What Worked - Josephus Apologizes

I can't believe that the two guys that Billy Corgan pushed in the initial run of the NEW NWA are some of the best damn things on the studio show. But here we are.

Josephus and Colt Cabana punking on James Storm ... Then Josephus turns on Cabana ... then STORM COMES OUT!!! Just great writing. Storm sizes up Cabana and Mr. Anderson comes out to save Cabana.

What Didn't Work - Aldis' Promo/Galli's obsession with Kamille

This promo was kind of clunky, awkward, really. I'm a huge fan of Aldis, but this one came off a little toothless for me. I'm also bored with the Kamille won't talk deal. Does Galli have a crush on Kamille?

What Worked - The Main Event

On paper, this shouldn't have been as entertaining as it was. But for a studio main event, it was filled with passion and excitement not found on Monday or Friday. Drake and Storm looked like they'd tagged a million times before this.

I'm starting to feel like I'm being easy on the NWA ... but the fact remains, three weeks into the show .. it's the fastest hour of wrestling, and the most entertaining in a totally different way then the WWE or AEW can provide.

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