Review: AEW Dynamite - Episode 2 - Boston, Ma.

Review: AEW Dynamite - Episode 2 - Boston, Ma.

What Worked: Private Party with the huge upset of The Young Bucks

When AEW began, a lot of the pro wrestling pundits proclaimed that the Bucks and their Being the Elite brethren would be putover adnausem .. most likely based on the historical past of wrestlers holding the book. So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Last night Private Party was basically MADE in front of the world in their first in ring action (I believe) for AEW. While it wasn’t Ric Flair making Sting, it was still a very strong, poignant moment for the upstart company.

What Didn’t Work: The end.

I understand the notion of “Send them home happy” - but throwing everyone in a feud out to ringside to end the show every week may start to feel old if this continues. Next week, we need a babyface to win and no sneak attack by the bad guy.

What Worked: The continuation of the Bea Priestley/Britt Baker feud.

First off, that mandible claw finisher is great, and the women who’ve been on the receiving end of it thus far (Sakura and Ford) have sold it like a million bucks. I’m really enjoying the slow build of what could be an amazing feud between Priestley and Baker. They match up well physically, and the personalities of the two play off very well. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

What Didn’t Work: The Blackout

Listen … I love when the lights go out. I do. It’s a gimmick that ECW used first, I believe, and it’s been something fans have loved since. But it should only ever be used for a debut. There, I’ve said it. I only want the lights to go out when someone is returning, or showing up for the first time. Maybe that’s just me.

What Worked: Moxley/PAC/Omega

Oh. My. Damn. Could you imagine any one of these scenarios coming to fruition:

1. Moxley/Pac stable - add someone like Janella into it, and you have a pretty sick trios team.

2. A three-way feud to end all three-ways. Just imagine the action in the ring.

3. The Cleaner, Kenny Omega, leaving the Elite and forming a stable with Moxley .. talk about a formidable team.

Two hours fly by, with Dynamite. You almost wish there was another hour, but then you look at Raw and see what happens when you thin out your show - and AEW doesn’t have the robust roster that WWE has. So two hours, plus the AEWDark show is probably the perfect call by Tony & the gang.

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