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Goose Pimples

Krude gonna spin a creepy yarn about a haunted house I lived in over 20 years ago. The usual paranormal aspects were all present in that turn of the 20th Century spook house. Strange voices, cold spots,orbs etc... The house in question was in Scranton, PA.

The house I lived in was a split two family house. The landlord lived on the left side,I lived on the right. The house was about 90 years old by the time I moved in. My side of the house was decorated on the interior with bold semi gloss paints and funky patterned carpets. One room was painted pink from floor to ceiling. That was my ex wife's place to be girly. Our bedroom was forest green and traffic light red. My son's bedroom was sky blue with a navy blue gloss painted wooden floor. Not sure if LSD played a part in this creative burst by the landlord. Wouldn't doubt it. She was weird. And never missed an episode of Wheel of Fortune. Strange broad indeed.

My ex wife would be home all day watching my 5 month old son. It was early summer when my ex started to tell me about cold spots she felt around the house. I never felt anything so I didn't care at the time. When my family came over to see the baby, my mother took a bunch of pictures using a 35mm film camera. When she had the film processed into prints, orbs showed up on half a dozen pics. When I saw those pics I dismissed the orbs as floating dust.

Then one evening my ex decided to take a shower at around 8pm. The bathroom was next to our kitchen which was next to our living room,where the tv I was watching was. 5 minutes into her shower,she leaned out the bathroom door and asked me to "check on the baby" because she heard him crying. My son was fast asleep and a baby monitor was next to him. So I told her so. A minute later,she yells at me again from the bathroom about my crying son. I tell her the same thing. Now she comes storming out of the bathroom in a towel and marches to my son's crib. And sees him sleeping. She said to me that she heard a baby crying in the bathroom and that it was crystal clear. So I went into the bathroom. Stood there for a minute. And heard a baby crying. Crystal clear. Window was closed. Fan was off. No other babies within an earshot in the neighborhood. WTF!!??!

Next morning I see the landlord outside on our porch and ask her if there was a baby at her house the previous night. She said no. I tell her crying was coming from the bathroom area. She laughs and said to me " oh, you heard the little boy". "What little boy?", I say. "The infant who died in 1951 in the house of a crib death" she explains. " It happened in the attic apartment upstairs to you". There was a little apartment in our attic area that wasn't used for at least 40 years at that point. I used that area for storage.

Next day after this conversation, I venture up into our attic/apartment area to check things out. Admittedly, the attic was spooky as all Hell. Felt very heavy walking in there. So I made my way to the area that was just above our bathroom. It was a bedroom. With a crib. And a photograph of the child who died in 1951 inside the crib. A black and white pic of the child lying in state. WTHolyFuck!!?!?! I turn around and made my way back to our house and told my ex what was in that attic. She never went into that attic ever again. And the only other time I went up there was when we moved out and I had to grab our belongings. Welcome to Scranton, Jersey boy.

The most disturbing thing about this ordeal was that my son almost died a crib death before us knowing about the ghostly presence. Luckily, we got him to a hospital quickly. But that is another story... So anyways...

Happy Halloween!

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