The Krude Experience - Organic


Krude is a purist. A realist. A really pure SOB to be exact. Organic I am not. Not by a goober mile. Since I took my first breath on this Earth on July 31, 1970 at 12:54pm, my 'not so' love affair with man made chemicals began as well. I had no choice. Doctors asked for and were granted permission (by my parents) to use chemical meds to make sure I turned out to be a 'healthy' child. Not that I'm against modern medicine, I just hate when people claim to be 'organic only' these days. None of us are. Ever.

Foods with an organic sticker on them only means no chemicals were used to ward off pests and such. Does an organic farm carrot taste better than a pesticide riddled carrot? Doubt it. Will we get cancer quicker if we only eat pesticide laden foods? Maybe. But I live in Northeast New Jersey. The air and water quality is so sub standard that getting a deadly disease from fresh foods is the least of our worries.

Taking an off ramp now to make another point about being organic. Hold tight!

Krude is a huge fan of the legendary rock bands The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Their combined music has been inside my head since I was 3 years old. And to this very day I still enjoy listening to them. But to accept the official narratives about both bands' origins is just a sucker's bet. Neither band is even remotely an 'organic' formed entity. Both bands were created by a higher faction of society to generate cash and distract the minions from the ever changing world in the 1960s and beyond. The high quality music and fashion sense these two bands were responsible for cannot be disputed. To say each band knew exactly the path they would take to stardom is blasphemy. Spiritual guidance was the key to the kingdom. Weird spiritual guidance to be exact. A lie too big to fail....

I was thinking of fasting for a few weeks while maintaining a water only diet. This is one of the best methods to cleanse a polluted body in short time. That is,if you can endure the first few days of starvation. Not sure I want to do this while being employed to work. I need all the energy I can get. Mahalo

Chicken fried steak is great!


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