The Krude Experience - When The Music's Over

When The Music's Over

Like taxes, aging is the ultimate inevitable. We are born to die, or so to speak. But that is talking about human life. What Krude wants to exploit this week in this blog is when to say when. When to stop doing something that you are no longer able to do effectively. I see plenty of examples of this in my everyday life. Time now to point the finger (index) at those who's expiration date sailed by ages ago.

Watching footage on YouTube of a once vital rock band(s) losing their skills is my idea of killing time while washing my skivvies. Seeing is believing. And watching fan shot footage from Bon Jovi, KISS, W.A.S.P., and other rock bands that are currently lip syncing their way through big box office pay days. It's a sad day when almost every band I used to go see live is now either retired or faking it for $. Sadder yet is that concert ticket buyers still support this bullshit. Go see a true LIVE rock band play. As much as you can.

Long standing local restaurants to me are another example of something that should just stop now. A pasta restaurant that has been around over 25 years was a destination that my family members wanted to go to recently. They (or myself) hadn't been there in ages. It was ok back in the day. But now it's a total disgrace. Italian food isn't difficult to make. The key to making a great Italian dish is using premium ingredients. This restaurant doesn't use even school lunch grade ingredients now. So for this place to be open for almost 3 decades means they are skating by on their reputation from years past. Just like the dinosaur bands in rock. Making $ being sub par. I guess most people like eating shit. Figuratively.

Now for the self depreciation portion of the blog. I had to give up a number of physical activities due to numerous injuries to my spine. The activities I have shitcanned are: amusement parks, diving boards at pools, any pick up game (softball,football,basketball), standing for over an hour at a time, driving a motorcycle and anything that put stress on my fucked up vertebrae. I say this because I will not do any of these activities under any circumstance. Not worth the pain. I know when to say when. I don't and won't fake it for personal gain.

When the music's over. Turn out the light

As you were....


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