Uncharted Territory Episode 2 Review

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 2
October 10, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA

Report Filed by: Tiffany Rose

You can watch the show here: https://independentwrestling.tv/player/aD4kN38vMK (use code: UNCHARTED on sign-up for 20 days FREE!)

We’re back for the second episode of the second season of Uncharted Territory! Last week’s episode was an excellent start to the season with solid action from beginning to end as we’ve come to expect from the crew at Beyond Wrestling. This week promises to deliver even more excitement with a heavy-hitting lineup of wrestling matches. I’ve especially been looking forward to seeing Eddie Kingston vs. Timothy Thatcher for the first time and I’ve been intrigued as to who’s going to respond to the open challenge that Nick Gage put forth to all competitors last week - who’s going to answer the call tonight?

On commentary: Eddie Kingston & Paul Crockett (opening match), Sidney Bakabella & Paul Crockett

Match 1: Nick Gage vs. John Silver (Open Challenge match)

The show opens huge with Nick Gage coming out to face his opponent in the Open Challenge. John Silver entered fired up and immediately gave Gage the finger, then unwisely turned his back to an attack from Gage. The match was on with Silver giving Gage hell with stiff kicks and chops that only seemed to make the King of Deathmatches even madder. The action was ongoing both inside and out of the ring with Gage taking some damage from Silver’s offense but returning with fire, props especially to a sick spinebuster to Silver to inflict some damage of his own. Doors and chairs became a part of the match as well with a highlight being Silver delivering a double stomp off the top rope onto a broken door (with Gage underneath!). Gage took the win after sending Silver off the top ropes through a second door and shoulderbreaker. This was an exciting opener and a chance to see Silver (despite the loss) show off his skills as both a brawler and a mat technician against the King.

Match 2: Bear Country vs. Rex Lawless and Mike Verna

Tag battle of the hosses! Verna and Lawless are seriously strong boys. As stated by Sidney Bakabella on commentary, “They should call them 2.27 a gallon because that’s a lot of gas.”
Lawless and Verna displayed a lot of strength and agility in this match. Bear Bronson and Bear Beefcake seemed to have met a perfect match in this team. Lots of displays of power in this (literally) ring-busting match from four incredibly strong men. After a big time big boy fight Bear Country took the win and then called out all of the tag team division, challenging anyone bold enough to come at the bears.

Match 3: DL Hurst vs. Chuck O’Neil

Chuck is just not a popular guy with the Beyond Wrestling crowd and for good reason. Last season Chuck proved himself to be an out-and-out asshole in his feud with Wheeler Yuta, and tonight he took on DL Hurst in a savage fight where the boos only served to make O’Neil madder. Chuck dominated a majority of this match with his badass MMA style, delivering damage with kicks and knees. Hurst stayed in the battle despite the brutality, proving that he was indeed a worthy opponent for O’Neil. Chuck pulled out the win by submission, but all respect goes to DL Hurst for hanging in there against such a ruthless competitor who brought all of his game tonight.

Match 4: Club Cam vs. Anthony Greene/Platinum Hunnies/Josh Briggs (Elimination tag match)

Before the elimination tag match took place the ring had to be repaired from getting smashed up during the Bear Country vs Lawless/Verna match. In the meantime, Richard Holliday regaled us with a “consumer survey” where he interacted with the Uncharted Territory faithful while insulting them at the same time. Thankfully the ring was repaired soon and we were spared any more of Holliday on the mic when Angel Sinclair made her entrance as the first competitor.

The elimination tag match was very one-sided in the beginning as Holliday easily defeated both of the Platinum Hunnies. Anthony Greene was next up after Ava Everett was defeated by Holliday, and finally the big mouth was defeated thanks to AG. Next out for Club Cam was Ken Doane, who then defeated Greene. Big Josh Briggs came out next and defeated Doane with a little well-deserved help from his tag partner AG, who was still in the ring. Christian Casanova was out next to go up against Briggs and finally the battleground was even as both men went to war in the last leg of the elimination tag match. However, just as it looked as if Club Cam were to be soundly defeated, Thomas Sharp made his return to Beyond Wrestling at quite the opportune moment, interfering in the end of the match and costing Briggs and his team the victory. Club Cam (which only seems to be growing stronger) celebrated their cheap win much to the disdain of the fans. The question now is who’s going to take these guys out for good?

Match 5: Wheeler Yuta vs. Ace Austin

This match marked the return of Ace Austin to the Beyond Wrestling ring, which was great to see after a long absence. Highlight of this battle - Yuta’s more serious, aggressive side came out to play, likely an aftereffect of his feud this past year with Chuck O’Neil forcing him to toughen up on his style. Yuta pulls out the victory by submission on Austin, and this match is definitely one to go back and watch (just be ready for Sidney Bakabella’s unusually loud scream after being squicked out with a nasty papercut spot!).

Match 6: Deppen vs. 1 Called Manders (Discovery Gauntlet)

Tony Deppen is back this week in the Discovery Gauntlet after making it known that he’s taking over the Gauntlet for his own benefit despite being an established name. We got rough here early with Manders eating one of Deppen’s snot rockets, setting the tone for what would be a wild match. There were some huge, nasty chops in this one! Deppen took the win after taking Manders’ cowbell and sounding it loudly on the back of the cowboy’s head, allowing him to capitalize for the victory. Please, we need Manders back on Uncharted Territory again after this one! In his post-match comments, Deppen let us know that he’s tired of nobody (including his wife, LOL) believing that he has any business in the Beyond Wrestling ring. Despite the naysayers, Deppen’s proud now of being 2-0 in the Discovery Gauntlet - but how long can this streak continue, especially when we have Deppen vs AJ Gray next week?

After the Discovery Gauntlet match we then have a promo from Puf, who has issued a challenge to Brandon Thurston next week. The stipulation for this match is that if Puf wins, then Thurston has to give Jay Freddie another match. This will be one to look forward to - Puf has worked hard to earn respect on the indie scene, and I believe next week he’ll show that he’s definitely worthy of Thurston’s approval.

Match 7: Team Pazuzu vs. Milk Chocolate

Uncharted Territory was more than ready for the return of El Presidente Pinkie Sanchez and the return of Team Pazuzu! This one was a thriller of a tag match; I love Milk Chocolate and was happy to see my guys Brandon Watts and Randy Summers bring their A-game to this showdown. Both teams went to war in another great tag match from this episode, a banger with lots of drama and last-second pinfall saves. Team Pazuzu took the victory and the celebration was interrupted by another appearance by Club Cam, who came to the ring solely for the purpose of having Cam Zagami brag about their victories over other teams in the division and making it known (before quickly getting cut off and shut down by Chris Dickinson) that they have their sights on the reunited victors.

Match 8: Eddie Kingston vs. Timothy Thatcher (Main event)

Main event time! Surprisingly, this match would be the first time Kingston and Thatcher would go at it in the ring. Intense but subtle at the same time, the main event had great grappling on presentation from both these guys. Thatcher took with the win by pinfall after an excellent match that showed the quality of both competitors, but despite going to battle with Kingston he was not able to make the 20-year veteran from Yonkers submit. After the match, Thatcher and Kingston shook hands in a well-merited display of respect. Kingston came with the real talk in his post-match promo, reminding the fans of Mental Health Awareness Day as well as the painful impact of depression and suicide in a heartfelt speech. In the words of Eddie Kingston: “You’re not alone. And there will always be someone there to talk to you.”

Eddie then called out John Silver, who has lately been on a climb back up to the top of the mountain in indie wrestling but meeting several obstacles in his path including his loss to Nick Gage earlier in the evening after answering the open challenge. Eddie’s words to Silver served as inspiration to instill a little faith in him that he can be the best in the world, but “just get out of your own way” as he put it. The show ended in a touching moment as two hard-ass, tough competitors shared a hug in the ring with Silver grateful for the encouragement. I’ll be pulling for Silver to find his way back to the top!

This second episode of the season had something for everyone, as Beyond Wrestling is known to do. It’s great to see people returning to Uncharted Territory after a long absence to let new fans get to know them for the first time, and it’s also good to see that the Discovery Gauntlet is still introducing new names to Beyond Wrestling despite Tony Deppen’s insistence on taking the whole thing over for himself. Next week is already shaping up to be another fantastic show with AJ Gray taking on Deppen in the Gauntlet and as announced, David Starr will be going toe-to-toe with Mercedes Martinez. Team Pazuzu will be taking on The Butcher and the Blade, which will surely be one to watch There’s sure to be a hell of a lot more going on, too - if you’re not watching this show you’re missing out on absolute greatness. We’re only two episodes into the season, it’s not too late to get on board and get on IWTV.live!

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