Uncharted Territory Season 2 Premiere with Tiffany Rose

Review: Uncharted Territory Season 2, Episode 1
Live in Worcester, MA at the White Eagle
By Tiffany Rose
In what's been the biggest week for wrestling in decades, Beyond Wrestling stepped back up to the forefront of the independent scene to present season 2 of its groundbreaking show Uncharted Territory. Season 1 proved to be a successful venture for both the promotion and the wrestlers involved as numerous names were made thanks to the spotlight shone on them. The big question now is who will be the breakout stars, or 'made' names, from this second season?
We're back at the White Eagle for Season 2 after a lot of heavy speculation about where the promotion would host its shows. Unfortunately it looks like the previously announced Rhode Island location fell through but I won't complain; thanks to the growth that Beyond Wrestling has had in 2019, the White Eagle may very well become one of the legends of indie wrestling venues like the 2300 Arena in south Philadelphia or the (now former) American Legion Post #308 in Reseda. The only drawback to the changes announced earlier this summer is that the Discovery Gauntlet will not be featured as its own show on Tuesday nights as was planned; this would have been an amazing way to hone in on new wrestlers on the indie scene and give them their own spotlight as opposed to sharing it with established talent on the Thursday show.
Tonight's commentators: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella
It's great to have Crockett & Bakabella back for Season 2, the latter part of the first season was made so much better with the Heenan/Monsoon type of chemistry these two bring to the table. On to the show!
Match 1: Josh Briggs vs. Lance Archer
The opening match of the season was a true battle of the hosses! The size of these two guys was impressive and entertaining to watch as they collided and threw each other around the ring. The crowd was solidly behind Briggs, but Archer's Iron Claw was a dreaded factor in this match. Despite Briggs' best efforts, Archer took the victory after he was able to get Briggs in the devastating Claw. This match proved that Archer's success in NJPW has been no fluke; the big man has made a powerful name for himself on the indies and in Beyond.
Winner: Lance Archer 
Match 2: Solo Darling (with Officer Magnum) vs. Mark Sterling 
We left Season 1 with the dickishly dastard Mark Sterling making himself one of the biggest dirtbags in wrestling by daring to dog-nap Officer Magnum. This match was to be Solo's retribution against Sterling, but fans knew once they saw Alex Reynolds accompanying Sterling to the ring that this would not be a fair fight. Reynolds attacked Solo at the start of the match, allowing Sterling to pick up where he left off last season and pick up wrestling's goodest boi outside the ring where he attempted to once again abscond with Officer Magnum. Things would be different tonight, though, as the departing Sterling was met at the door by a surprise - Willow Nightingale is back in Beyond Wrestling and she was there to even the score! After thwarting a second dog-napping attempt, the match was then immediately changed to a tag team bout.
Tag Team Match: Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale vs. Mark Sterling & Alex Reynolds
The Bird and the Bee are reunited! The Beyond crowd was overjoyed to welcome back Willow Nightingale after returning from injury, and she didn't miss a beat. This tag match was a satisfying stomping of Sterling and Reynolds that ended with Officer Magnum rightfully getting the pin on Sterling with a little help from Solo & Willow. So much for the supposed "Smart" Mark!
Winners: Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale
Match 3: Brandon Thurston vs Jay Freddie
This was meant to be a 'rubber' match to determine which of the two competitors was the best, but Thurston won the all-too-brief battle after a fast and unfair groin shot to Jay Freddie where he then capitalized for the victory. The White Eagle crowd was understandably pissed as Freddie was undeniably screwed. Freddie then took to the mic to call the departing Thurston out and demand a better match. Thurston returned to the ring...only to respond with a resounding 'no'. I don't think we're done at all here and I'm sure Jay Freddie will get another chance at Thurston this season so we can see once and for all who's the better man.
Winner: Brandon Thurston
Match 4: Daniel Garcia vs. Matt Makowski Tony Deppen (Discovery Gauntlet)
We were fully expecting to see a war in this first Discovery Gauntlet match of Season 2 and we definitely got one, but it wasn't with the man we were expecting! Prior to the match, Matt Makowski was attacked backstage by Tony Deppen, who was not scheduled to be at tonight's show (but you try telling Tony Deppen what he can and can't do and see how far you get). Deppen then came to the ring in the place of Makowski as Red Death awaited him in the ring. This was my favorite match of the night with Deppen engaging in full battle with Garcia. Seriously, this match is another one that has to be seen to be fully appreciated, so if you have not yet got on board with your IWTV.live subscription, do so and watch this one! Deppen won the match (maybe or maybe not with a handful of trunks) and let us all know his intention of getting a payday with this match and with the Discovery Gauntlet itself; we'll be seeing Deppen again next week in the Gauntlet vs. Steve Manders in what's sure to be another fantastic matchup.
Winner: Tony Deppen
Match 5: Thomas Santell vs. Orange Cassidy
Thankfully the Freshly Squeezed one was able to make it to the White Eagle for this match after some travel delays from Washington D.C., the site of AEW Dynamite's premiere episode where he worked the post-show dark match. The Beyond crowd showed much love to both Orange Cassidy as well as Thomas Santell, who even brought gifts to the ring for the departing(?) hero in the form of an orange with glasses (LOL) and a bottle of Ovaltine! We saw a new and more vicious side of the Ovaltine Dream tonight, probably picked up from the time he's spent as a tag partner with Nick Gage. This fierce side of Santell is what he'll need to keep up as he goes into the King of Trios this weekend teaming up with Gage and Kris Statlander. Santell was amicable enough in the beginning with OC, but as the match progressed both he and Freshly Squeezed escalated the battle until Santell made the mistake of picking up OC's bottle of orange juice and trying some for himself, giving Freshly Squeezed the opportunity to try some of Santell's Ovaltine...and spit it right in his face! Orange Cassidy won the match after a solid Superman punch to Santell. In a rare post-match promo, OC let the crowd know that he's staying right where he's at. In fact, he called out the new IWTV Champion Warhorse and let him know he plans on taking back the title! Leave it to the least motivated man in wrestling to become the hardest working one, pulling double duty on both Uncharted Territory and AEW Dynamite.
Winner: Orange Cassidy
Match 6: Wheeler Yuta vs. Chris Dickinson
As expected, this was an excellent match-up. Yuta put on an athletic show, but the end of the match saw Dickinson take the win after a tough battle and a short lived celebration before Club Cam arrived on the scene to start trouble. Halloween came early when it looked like masked backup arrived just in time for Dickinson, but the treat was a trick! Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts) revealed themselves under the masks and Dickinson was desperately outnumbered...until the lights went out and the real backup arrived as Pinkie Sanchez returned to Beyond Wrestling to help out his tag partner! This set up next week's tag match of Team Pazuzu (Dickinson/Sanchez) vs. Milk Chocolate, which will be a damn good match to watch.
Winner: Chris Dickinson
Match 7: Kris Statlander vs. Nick Gage
Prior to this weekend's King of Trios event, partners Kris Statlander and Nick Gage went to war on the season 2 opener of Uncharted Territory. This one exploded early with Statlander attacking Gage right upon his entrance and from there it was on! The plunder came out early in this match with Gage pulling out chairs and a door from under the ring. Statlander proved she could bring the battle to even the King of Deathmatches himself by putting Gage through a door with a solid Death Valley Driver. It would take more than that to take out Nick Gage, of course - even a beautiful 450 splash from the top rope wasn't enough for Statlander to get the win. Gage brought the brutality to Statlander, too, showing her no mercy as he slammed her head and body into chairs. Statlander would not break so easily, though - it finally took a piledriver through a door to put everybody's favorite alien out for good and for Gage to get the win. After the match Gage gave his props to Statlander for going to war with him in the ring and Thomas Santell returned to the ring to stand with his King of Trios partners one last time before they team up this weekend for Chikara's annual event.
Winner: Nick Gage
What a season opener this was! Beyond Wrestling proved last season that they had something special with Uncharted Territory and this first episode showcased exactly what makes them so outstanding. The incredible amount of talent that comes through the doors of the White Eagle is staggering when you consider that this is a small indie promotion that could (and will) do big things. I am considerably hyped up for the rest of the season now that the bar has been set at its loftiest level, and I fully believe Uncharted Territory will match and/or surpass the high quality of tonight's season premiere in the next few weeks. Damn good show!

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