AEW Dynamite - “The Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away And Buy That Fucking PPV” Show.

AEW Dynamite - “The Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away And Buy That Fucking PPV” Show.
AirDate: 11/6/19

No mainstream national television wrestling program has made me feel the way I feel in this very moment the way All Elite Wrestling’s TNT based Dynamite made me feel with it’s go home show leading up to Saturday Night’s “FULL GEAR” PPV. 

Now, I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass and tell you that this show was 120 minutes of perfection. There were some slow parts smooshed into the empty spots of this show that I won’t lie, had me kind of closing my eyes while I sat perched upon my barstool. 

But three things happened tonight that, if you were sitting at home unsure of the fact you were going to purchase this PPV or not, should have totally erased any fucking doubt whatsoever. 

The Greatest Promo of 2019

If you’ve read any of my writing, any of my tweets, you would know that I hold the NWA very closely to my heart when it comes to professional wrestling. From 1985 until 1989, the NWA was my “wrestling home,” if you will. Hell, I wouldn’t even be a fan had it not been for stumbling across The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, dropping some lyrical magic on tv at midnight. I had snuck up out of bed, I was eight at the time and wanted to see what was on the television late at night. And NWA was on. And Dusty was cutting a promo. And I didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but I dug it in a big way. 

Dusty was my gateway into wrestling fandom. All these years later, and now I’m watching his youngest son drop lyrical magic on national television, himself. That promo tonight was nothing more than straight from the fucking heart - with some entertainment added in. Rhodes wasn’t really talking to Jericho - he was talking to every naysayer, finger pointer, hipster hater who thinks they know what the business is about because they subscribe to all the sheets. Rhodes has proven that he’s as electric and charismatic as his Dad, in spades. 

He has taken this company, hoisted it on his back, and has climbed that mountain. Just like Chris Jericho.

The Greatest Promo Parody of 2019

It gets said adnausem on the internet regarding Jericho - but he truly is one of the greatest of all times. He really does reinvent himself constantly. And he certainly is one of the best heels the business has ever seen.

But he also has a great sense of humor, of timing, of going with the moment. And it’s that last factor that really keeps him above and beyond a lot of younger talent. He understands and sees what the fans want. And sometimes he’ll give it to them, but most of the time he’ll dangle it out there like a carrot. It’s ironic as I just listened to the Arn Anderson podcast dealing with the Four Horseman parody. If you were a fan of the original Monday Night Wars, you’ll remember this vividly. If you weren’t, I’d suggest hitting the YouTubes and checking out this segment. It was entertaining but controversial as fuck. Basically, the nWo, parodied the Four Horseman, and Arn was the brunt of some pretty hellacious comments and imagery. 

This parody, that Jericho dealt out tonight to Rhodes, wasn’t as malicious as it was just a funny fuck you to the over dramatics of Rhodes character. It was hilarious. It’s that water cooler type of shit that Jericho is so god damned good at creating. 

Just these two factors alone would push a wrestling fan to hit BUY on their remote control, but it didn’t end there.

Chaos and Calamity, this is how you send your fans home wanting more.

Listen, I couldn’t recap what I saw even if I wanted to. I was sitting at a bar, drinking those drinks, watching people who haven’t watched wrestling in forever, get caught up in the moment, seeing Chris Jericho again - and maybe they thought they were just watching WWE, but I saw invested eyes and laughing and hollering and pointing at the TV in excitement and in surprise. Moxley got a big response, as well as his bat. Maybe there were The Walking Dead fans in the bar and they thought the bat was Lucille. 

Doesn’t matter. I’d guess most of these people had never seen AEW before. They were invested in some ways - and hopefully, some of the drunk mother fuckers will remember tomorrow to look up the product. 

Like I said, it’s been a long time since a show on national television made me feel anything like this. This was special. This was a team effort. You can tell they are all giving their everything in this moment. 

“Those guys are going hard and eliminating mistakes. They aren’t making the mistakes in the first ten or last ten seconds of matches. Each time out we’re looking a little sharper.” - Dusty Rhodes

Matches - NON SPOILER 

Pac and Trent had a really fun match. Some fun interactions between PAC and Orange Cassidy created a buzz on social media, as Cassidy is the most over pro wrestler on twitter by a landslide. Well, maybe Nick Gage beats him, but I jest. Dark Order continues to get lost in the tag team mix. I just don’t know who they are supposed to be in this universe. I can’t connect because there’s been nothing to connect too. Jayme Hayter is quickly becoming very relevant in the women’s division. She reminds me a lot of Bea Priestley - who I need more of on my television. Shanna continues to impress with her smooth style. Brandi Rhodes has gone full EMO Crazy - what’s going on in the Rhodes house. Should someone check for mold levels? I’m worried. A pointless Shawn Spears/ Brandon Cutler match ...Kenny Omega/Moxley hype video. I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s going to steal the show. Tag team match involving Jericho/Sammy against Kenny Omega & Hangman Page that was a really fun, physical, emotional match. 

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