Happy Hammsgsiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Or should we say, Hammsgiving! Thanksgiving is here and we are cracking open America's classic premium beer, born in the land of blue sky waters, Hamm's to celebrate. Start your Turkey Day with a Hamm's and follow it up with a Tecate Titanium as the bumwinebob.com Tall Boy Thursday beverage to kick off week 13 of Thanksgiving Day NFL action!

We have some BIG NEWS to share from the MD 20/20 world, as it was announced on md2020wine.com that there will be a big reveal coming on 1/1/2020! What could this be? A new flavor of MD 20/20 to ring in not just any new year, but the THE YEAR OF MD 2020!

Be sure to check out the very special bWb Wrestling post from Dennis and Tiffany sharing what they are thankful for in the world of wrestling, along with some special shoutouts!

The classic bWb logo shirts have returned to the Bumming with Bobcat Merch Store on TeePublic! Help support the blog and podcast by picking up a shirt or some other great merchandiseThe bWb Black Friday sales are now LIVE! $13 tees and 35% off EVERYTHING in the store! Check it out and pick up some bWb swag!

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Bumming with Bobcat

We are wishing a wonderful Tecate Titanium Hammsgiving to you all!

All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! With the holiday season upon us we will be celebrating on Bumming with Bobcat all December long! We have some great guest lined up as we help spread some holiday cheer, so stay tuned! Make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast apps to get the latest episodes as soon as their released! Tell your friends to check it out, grab a drink, and give us a listen. Cheers!

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