Reviewing Uncharted Territory, The Best Matches Of The First Half of Season Two.

Best of Uncharted Territory Season 2
Episodes 1-7 available on
by Tiffany Rose & Dennis D. 
November 14, 2019
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Now that we’ve seen the first half of Uncharted Territory Season 2, Tiffany and I went back through the archives of to review the episodes that have been run up to now and rank the best of the best.  The rule was simple - We could only pick ONE match for each show.

What sets Beyond Wrestling and it's Uncharted Territory program apart from it's competition is the consistency. The match layouts, the mix of fresh new faces and company stalwarts, booking callbacks, grade A commentary and a desire to leave the fans wanting more have made Uncharted Territory mandatory viewing. 

If you’ve watched Uncharted Territory, you know that to pick just ONE match per episode to spotlight is an act of daring. Almost every match is a must see. And taste in what makes a match great is subjective. 

So, with that said, here is our top matches of Season 2, first half. We also pick our Uncharted Territory Half Way Home MVP.

Episode 1:

Tiffany Choice: Daniel Garcia vs. Matt Makowski Tony Deppen (Discovery Gauntlet)

The first episode of the season set the tone of the Discovery Gauntlet with this match! Tony Deppen wasn’t even scheduled to compete on this episode but took it upon himself to attack Makowski and take his rightful place that night against Red Death. Deppen went on to have a fantastic match with Garcia and had a great run competing and winning from week to week until Episode 5, when Makowski made a surprise return competing in the Discovery Gauntlet (initially as masked wrestler “Nemesis”) and defeated Deppen, thus ending the season-long hot streak and regaining his spot.

Dennis’s Choice: Kris Statlander v. Nick Gage

Statlander attacking Gage during his entrance is a big fuck you to the hardcore icon, Gage - and I'm all for that ... just don't tell him I said that, okay? Statlander continues to be in the conversation of the best indy wrestler of 2019. And Gage? Well, Gage is the fucking man. His 2019 track record is nothing less than amazing for the punishment he puts on his body.

Episode 2:

Tiffany’s Choice: Eddie Kingston vs. Timothy Thatcher (Main event)

The main event of Episode 2 had Kingston and Thatcher squaring off against each other for the first time. Any time Timothy Thatcher is in a ring then I’m paying full attention, but this match in particular was great in that it showed these two at their best. Thatcher took the victory via pin fall in this well-fought match that was just as memorable for Kingston’s speech afterward. Eddie called out John Silver post-match to deliver some words of inspiration that quite clearly made an impression on Silver, who has been on a great run of victories ever since Episode 2.

Dennis’s Choice: Eddie Kingston v. Timothy Thatcher (Main event)

Is it just me or has Eddie Kingston had a renaissance year in 2019. With his work on NWAPowerrr, his shots with Beyond, it just seems like Kingston has had a resurgence of some sort. Maybe I'm just paying more attention.

If you can't have a good match with Timothy Thatcher, you can't have a good match period. And this was a good match. A real good match.

Episode 3:

Tiffany’s Pick David Starr vs. Mercedes Martinez

David Starr said immediately after this classic, “If you wanna have the best fucking match on the show, you wrestle Mercedes Martinez!” This was a dream match made into the main event for Episode 3. Starr and Martinez set a standard in future matches on Uncharted Territory with this banger, lasting all of 29:51 minutes and holding the complete attention all Beyond fans watching at home and in attendance. Starr would go on to get the victory over Martinez here, but the crowd was solidly in favor of Martinez throughout the match.

Dennis’s Pick: David Starr v. Mercedes Martinez

I've become such a huge fan of Starr's this year. You know when you watch wrestling and it all becomes a blur of action but one day you look closer to whose wrestling for whatever reason and man you get blown away. That's my 2019 with Starr. I stopped and started watching his matches more and he's just really good. I love intergender battles and this one was fantastic. Martinez fell in love with the Beyond fans this night and we fell in love with her too.

Episode 4:

Tiffany’s Pick Nick Gage vs. Maria Manic (Nick Gage Open Challenge match)

This was the first of the Nick Gage Open Challenge matches where there was no surprise or guessing as to who the challenger would be. Maria Manic was bad ass enough to answer the challenge and Gage as a response went to one of the most brutal places he’s ever gone lately. They went through the plunder in this one, as stated by Sidney Bakabella there was “probably a whole Home Depot” under the ring and both Gage and Manic went for everything from doors to cheese graters to steel chairs. Gage scored the win after pile driving Manic in the center of the ring and ending this insane main event match.

Dennis’s Pick: Josh Briggs v. Matthew Justice 

2020 is going to be a HUGE (no pun intended) year for both these men. Briggs is on the cusp of stardom and Justice ain't to far behind, if you ask me. And I'm guessing you asked me, since you clicked the link. So, yeah. Great match between to big dudes in a match that was, as Tiffany described "Lawless, and bedlam,".

Episode 5:

Tiffany’s Pick: Nick Gage vs. Mance Warner (100,000 Thumbtack Match)

I picked this match as a favorite over quite a few great matches from the Halloween episode. Not only was it the first time we’d see Ole Mancer on Uncharted Territory, but it was also the first time I’d ever see a match with 100,000 thumbtacks involved. WILD main event, we all knew it would be, but I don’t think we anticipated the level of insanity that Nick Gage and Mance Warner would bring on this episode. Gage got the win but Mancer gave him a hell of a fight that included punch fests, thumbtacks shoved in mouths, and even a jack-o-lantern (among other plunder) covered with tacks.

Dennis’s Pick: 100,000 Thumbtack Death Match: Nick Gage v. Mance Warner

HANDS DOWN the highlight of my year. We helped sponsor this show by purchasing 2500 of the 100,000 thumbtacks, so .. yeah, you're welcome. This was just a fun fucking match where to dudes known for badassery just went balls to the fucking walls badassery. The thing i’m left with is this: How the hell do Gage and Warner do this every day.

Episode 6:

Tiffany’ Pick: John Silver vs. Christian Casanova

The main event of Episode 6 gave Christian Cassanova his chance to show the wrestling world that he’s truly top talent. This was also John Silver’s opportunity to continue his hot streak of victories since he’d been so initially inspired by Eddie Kingston’s words back in Episode 2. Two solid stories were being told in this match and both wrestlers have all of my respect for bringing the narratives together here. Silver wins the bout after going to absolute war with Casanova, and Club Cam was proven to be the least necessary thing in Casanova’s career right now. Glad to see both men show respect to one another after the match as well.

Dennis’s Pick: Discovery Gauntlet Match: Matt Makowski v. O'Shay Edwards
So yeah ... O'Shay Edwards is a fucking beast and I want more of him. The only thing better than this match would have been Edwards winning and guaranteeing us another chance to see this mother fucker back in the Beyond ring next week.

Episode 7:

Tiffany’s Pick: Mercedes Martinez vs. Kris Statlander

This would be the second episode this season that featured Martinez in the main event, and this follow-up bout was just as excellent as Starr/Martinez in Episode 3. Mercedes looked to bring even more brutality to this match, delivering a tough beating that Statlander did her damndest to fight back from. Statlander was the one with the most to prove here, as Martinez has already established herself among the best of current wrestlers on any roster. These two went to war in this main event and it was Statlander who took the victory via submission in the end, a historic moment that allowed her to take her place as a top name among the best of any roster in wrestling today.

Dennis’s pick” Mercedes Martinez v. Kris Statlander 

There are moments in time that end up defining an era. I know the women's movement, the "evolution" of women's wrestling has had it's ups and downs this year - but on November 14th, 2019, subscribers witnessed what will go down as possibly one of the most passionate, compelling matches in the history of Beyond Wrestling. It's always a daunting task to pick the best match of the night, because the word "best" is subjective. I can tell you that this match left me spellbound; goosebumps and all.

Tiffany’s ‘Best Of’ Rankings

7. Gage vs. Manic
6. Garcia vs. Deppen
5. Gage vs. Mancer
4. Silver vs. Casanova
3. Kingston vs. Thatcher
2. Martinez vs. Statlander
1. Martinez vs. Starr

Dennis’s “Best of” Rankings

7. Briggs v. Justice
6. Statlander v. Gage
5. Kingston v. Thatcher
4. 100,000 Thumbtack Match: Gage v. Warner
3. Discovery Gauntlet: Makowski v. Edwards
2. Martinez v. Starr
1. Martinez v. Statlander

Best Wrestler of Season 2, Part 1: 

Tiffany’s Pick: Kris Statlander. The Fearless Leader of the Galaxy is my favorite alien and deserves all of the love she’s getting from the independent wrestling scene right now. I can’t wait to see how 2020 will look for her now that she’s gotten her name established among the cream of the crop talent.

Dennis’s Pick: I fully agree with Tiffany. The 2019 campaign for Kris Statlander has edged her closer to a deal with one of the “big two” promotions. She has the talent to be an instant hit given the opportunity. Beyond Wrestling owner/promoter, Drew Cordeiro has done a magnificent job of booking these matches. The intergender matches Beyond promotes haven’t missed the mark yet, and Kris Statlander is taking full advantage of the opportunities laid in front of her.

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