The Krude Experience - Action Part 4


Part 4 - Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

I have a steadfast rule that almost always gets adhered to: I don't go out on Friday or Saturday nights. To me,those days represent everything that is wrong in society. People think just because they don't have to wake up at a normal time the day after partying,that this is the way to live. Not me. Weekends for made for Michelob. But not for going out. Cops earn their stripes on those nights.

Normal people do normal things...

My distaste for weekend partying started back in the mid 80s when I working at my father's restaurant. I had to work on those busy weekend nights. And the people who came into the restaurant were on a weird 'weekend' high. Like being on meth and valium at the same time. Tired from the work week. Excited for a few days off. Let's be assholes because it's OUR time to let off steam

Fuck that

Sunday and Wednesday were my nights to go out. Since getting booze at age 16 wasn't an issue (I had the key to the liquor storage room at the restaurant). My main focus became seeing great rock bands and meeting chicks. And the types of girls who didn't care what night it was to party were my types of chicks. Sooooo....

It was a Sunday night early fall in 1990. I was 20 years old. Found myself at the Limelight in NYC. The band Love/Hate were playing that night. Limelight was an old church that was converted into a huge nightclub. It had many different levels and areas to hang out in. One of the best clubs that ever existed. I was standing by the second level bar when a tight dressed brunette came up to me. "My friend thinks you're cute" she said. I looked around and spotted a girl who looked just like Lita Ford. She then pointed over at her friend who quickly became embarrassed and shy. So I made my way towards her and introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Krude. You look great tonight". "Thank you. I'm Linda.". Ice broken,I asked her and her friend what they are drinking. " I'll take an Alabama Slammer and a Bud for her". Damn I liked her style with that drink choice. Me and the blonde made some small talk while enjoying our adult beverages. Love/Hate was coming on stage so we made our way towards the stage area. Looking down at the band from the 2nd floor balcony with one hand on my beer the other around her waist. The band were cool. But I had other things on my mind. So I took her hand and led her to a nearby staircase that led to the 3rd level of the club. I knew of an area there that was perfect for extra curricular activities. And those activities would occur in the dark on a church pew. Yes!!! Score one for young Krude. On a Sunday night. In a church. Mahalo

Going out on any evening these days is usually seeing people staring at their cell phones all night. The only advantage that I see having a cell phone with me when I'm out is being able to get a chick's phone # and text mine to her immediately. Any other playing with a cell phone while at a bar/club is a fucking joke. Mahalo

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